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Bitten Q&A: Season 2, Episode 10

Hey, hey, the gang's all here! The cast of Bitten talks about the Season 2 finale.  

By Bryan Enk

Hey, hey, the gang's all here! The cast of Bitten talks about the Season 2 finale.

We've got to talk about that finale! Back at the beginning of the season you told us there would be a lot of curve balls and you were not kidding. Elena dies!

LAURA VANDERVOORT: Elena dies, everybody! Yes.

What was that scene like? Because that was one of the most emotional scenes thus far.

LAURA: They warned me ahead of time. I got the phone call saying "You're going to die" and I laughed. I thought "Come on, I'm not going to die" and they were like, "No, you actually do die but don't worry, you'll be back." So I had a little exhale. But that scene with Greyston [Holt] was pretty emotional. During rehearsal we would keep crying and our director T.J. Scott just told us "Let's save it for taping" because we were having a hard time keeping it together.

GREYSTON HOLT: You have to keep a certain level of emotion the whole day; you can't just jump in and out of it. T.J. was really great; we shot the close-ups first, we got all our emotional stuff out of the way and then we moved back to the wide shots.

LAURA: T.J. was great; he kept the set quiet for us and it really helped with the mood. Greyston was amazing as well; looking up at him during my takes I couldn't help but cry because he was just so incredible. His tears were actually falling on my face.

STEVE LUND: I was off-screen pulling out Greyston's chest hairs.

GREYSTON: Michael [Xavier] was cutting onions, it was a team effort.

From a serious emotional scene to a serious ass-kicking scene; Laura, what was it like for you knowing you had the final confrontation with Aleister?

LAURA: So rewarding. I love Sean Rogerson (Aleister), he's a wonderful actor and that was his first fight sequence. It was tough. The poor guy, I had to drown him over and over again just to get the lighting right. He was a wonderful addition to the show and I was sad to be the one to kill him but also, for Elena, very pleased.

There was another devastating death on the show last episode; Michael, we've got to talk about saying goodbye to Logan. What's it been like seeing the love come in over Twitter and social media?

MICHAEL XAVIER: It's been incredible. It's just a blessing to have these social elements to look to and get feedback from the fans; it's very humbling and very nice.

LAURA: It was a huge loss for the Pack and for us as a cast. I love Michael; he's such an incredible person and actor. We all got emotional when we found out we were going to lose him.

STEVE: Devastating. I thought it was a prank.

Speaking of devastating moments, Nick had a loss in the finale: Paige basically dumped him. Steve, how did you deal with that internally? Because I can't imagine you have any experience with having your heart broken.

STEVE: Well, there's a first time for everything. But no, it was devastating for Nick.

Can we talk about your fight scenes? They were pretty epic. Fighting on the escalator; how cool was that?

STEVE: It was the coolest thing I've ever done in my whole life! THE coolest thing I've ever done. It was the most fun; just jumping over the escalator, swinging under the railings, grabbing somebody with my heels …

GREYSTON: When you grabbed the guy with your feet and pulled him down; that was the coolest move!

LAURA: Was the entire thing choreographed or did you just go with the flow?

STEVE: It was ALL improv! No, my stunt double actually said that he was the most bored person on set because I did all of it. I wanted to make sure that I could do all of it, so I rehearsed the crap out of it for so long to make sure it was good, and it worked out.

Is it true that this episode whole episode shot between the hours of 6pm and 6am? Was it entirely a night shoot?

GREG BRYK: Yeah, and it was cold.

MICHAEL: It was so cold that night.

GREG: I’m not sure why that was. That was the night I took the picture of you guys all lying under the heat lamps. But it was a great location; the way it was lit you had these haunting modern elements and then this stuff in the caverns was all slick and dark. It was like a birthing canal.

Greyston, you've said numerous times how much you like food, and seem to always be eating something. What kind of diet do you have on set to sustain your energy for a night shoot?

GREYSTON: Whatever's around, whatever's in front of me. I don’t really like sweet stuff, but anything savory; if it's in front of me I'll probably eat it.

STEVE: Greyston and I would have these moments where we'd hover over the craft services table, not really talking to each other, just nibbling away.

GREYSTON: It's like when you go to the fridge and you know what's in there, but you keep going back to check anyway. "Maybe this time it will be different!"

We've got to also ask about Cain coming back. There were a lot of reactions on social media, people were really excited to see him again and then there was his big moment in the finale. What was it like filming that scene in the corridor with him?

GREYSTON: That was great. What a way for him to … well actually, you don't see him "die" in that scene, so maybe he's going to come back! But either way, it was so great to have him back. Noah Danby is the sweetest man. If you ran into him in a dark alley you'd be terrified, but when you meet him you realize he's a big teddy bear. We all love him so much. It was really great to have him back and I think the fans really appreciated it too.

So much has happened throughout this season, what do you think you'll miss the most?

STEVE: Michael!

MICHAEL: Aww, I'll miss Steve too.

STEVE: Michael and I just got back from spending a month together in a car.

MICHAEL: Yeah, we developed some comradery.

Tommie-Amber, we have to talk about the battle scene with you and Laura. Was it fun, was it challenging? What was that black goo coming out of your mouth?

TOMMIE-AMBER PIRIE: That was so much fun. We shot that at probably three o'clock in the morning.

LAURA: In a staircase that was very pointy and sharp, and we were throwing each other around. There's actually a take in the episode where you see my hand go behind her head for a second because I saw her going towards a sharp object.

TOMMIE-AMBER: It was so intense; we did about ten or fifteen takes and it was really hot at the top of the staircase with all the lights. We were constantly exerting ourselves so by the time we wrapped that scene we were totally depleted.

LAURA: She was amazing in that scene. I actually didn't see the goo the first time, so they got my genuine reaction. They put it in her mouth and then she spewed it down the stairs so I couldn't see, but when she turned back to me I was shocked.

TOMMIE-AMBER: The goo was black bean and … something else or other.

GREYSTON: I also didn't know you could drop your voice like ten octaves.

What was it like to see that scene with your voice so low?

TOMMIE-AMBER: It was great. It was funny because on the day I didn't know that they were going to alter it, but it totally added to the scene.

LAURA: And you're convulsing and everything, you must have been so tired. I was watching her do all this physical exertion.

TOMMIE-AMBER: There was a point when Laura was like "I want to be doing that …"

LAURA: I was so jealous because I love The Exorcist and horror movies.

Tammy, we've got to ask you about the big conclusion: we finally get to see Ruth and Aleister go head to head. That must have been a fun moment, to finally have that tête-à-tête with your son.

TAMMY ISBELL: Oh, it was so fun. I got to say "Come and say that to my face." I read the script and I was like "I can hardly wait to say that." It’s one of those lines that, as an actor, you get and go "Oh yeah! That’s a good one!" So yeah, it was super super fun AND I win.

Savannah had quite the arc on the show this season; you were imprisoned, you had a bug under your skin, you were mind controlled … Are you ready for a light-hearted teen comedy now?

KIARA GLASCO: Savannah has gone through so much in this show, it's unbelievable. She’s learned so much about herself and it really feels as though she's matured. She's finally become a witch, but most importantly she's learned about the importance of family and who to trust. She's a strong one and definitely a great character to play.

Had you worked in the sci-fi genre before Bitten?

KIARA: This was the first time I've ever had real powers and it was so much fun. It felt so good to play someone with those abilities because you don't usually see these kinds of characters. It's been a special experience.

Tammy, we know that you play Minecraft. Were you inspired by this episode to go build come catacombs and places where you can perform rituals?

TOMMIE-AMBER: People love that you play Minecraft.

TAMMY: I know, right? It's so funny. Well, you know, it's funny because I shot one the same stage last week and I walked in expecting to be in the catacombs and I wasn't, I was in a pub! It was strange, I miss them. But the Minecraft thing, not so much.

How emotional was Ruth's death?

TAMMY: It was emotional on the day, it was emotional when we were hearing about it before we first shot it, but it's also been really emotional today!

Daegan Fryklind and J.B. Sugar, you've got your whole cast here, is there anything you wanted to say?

J.B. SUGAR: First off, huge props to Daegan Fryklind, our word maestro and story generator. We're so proud of the show and our incredible cast.

Daegan, what are you feeling right now?

DAEGAN FRYKLIND: I just want to give massive appreciation to our amazing cast for everything that we put them through this season, our crew for the long hours that they put in, and our fans. Our fans are amazing; they come to comic cons, they make us things, they create incredible art, they've started a #RenewBitten campaign – just amazing. It all makes coming to set every day worthwhile.

J.B., what's it like for you to see this all come together after months of hard work? What are you feeling when you see that final episode?

J.B: It's so rewarding and an amazing time warp. We put so much time, energy, love and care into every frame and every word and it's unbelievable how fast it's gone by. Right now I'm just feeling pride and appreciation for everybody. It was a real collaboration.