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Bitten Q&A: Season 2, Episode 2

Get to know the ladies behind the witches as Tammy Isbell (Ruth) and Tommie-Amber Pirie (Paige) discuss some of the toil and trouble in store for Season Two of Bitten.

By Bryan Enk

Witches! Witches on Bitten! Episode 2 introduced us to Ruth Winterbourne and her associate, Paige, as they wield their witchy powers upon the werewolves of Stonehaven. But are they actually more friend than foe?

Time will tell, but for now, get to know the ladies behind the witches as Tammy Isbell (Ruth) and Tommie-Amber Pirie (Paige) discuss some of the toil and trouble in store for Season Two of Bitten.

What’s it like for you two joining Season Two of Bitten, this already immensely popular show?

TAMMY ISBELL: Well, we're a separate entity so it actually worked in terms of dynamics because we sort of descend upon this already created reality and it works.

TOMMIE-AMBER PIRIE: And that's how it felt as actors too, right? Like, the two of us are coming in and being like, "Hey … how's it going?"

When you found out you were going to be witches did you go and watch The Witches of Eastwick and a bunch of other stuff? How much fun is that to research?

TOMMIE-AMBER: I visited all my witch family.

Did you?

TOMMIE-AMBER: I did. Yeah, yeah. What about you?

TAMMY: My character's less about being a witch and more about being the leader of a family. So I drew upon my experience as a mom, because first and foremost I'm a mom, I'm a business woman, I'm all those things that Ruth really sits in; more than just being a witch.

What's the hardest part about filming Bitten? And what's the easiest part?

TAMMY: Well, the easiest part is that we were working with such an incredible cast and crew, so that just sort of made it flawless. It really was one of those experiences where you're waiting for the other shoe to drop. Is it really going to be this good? So generous, the cast and crew. The hardest part for me is working nights … oh, and Latin!

So how did you get that down?

TAMMY: She [Tommie-Amber] did it for me!

TOMMIE-AMBER: "This is how you say it. Do it again, say it again."

TAMMY: It would basically be, okay you got the Latin done, check, check, check -- ok, now I can have some fun!

Is it tough having all those hunky, shirtless guys around all the time?


TAMMY: You know … eye candy, getting cavities! But you know what's great about them is that they're actually in their roles so intensely that you get caught up in the storyline. So yes, they're eye candy but I really enjoyed working with them.

You often hear from actors on shows with very serious content that on set when the cameras aren't rolling there’s a lot of jokery that goes on ... is 'jokery' a word? It is now. Is it fun on set?

TOMMIE-AMBER: It's SO much fun! And I was saying earlier, it feels like camp.

TAMMY: Yeah, like summer camp, and the banter that happens between the actors is what makes it so fun.

Who's the biggest joker?

TOMMIE-AMBER: Steve Lund [Nick Sorrentino]. I always say Steve Lund, but everyone has their own thing. Like, Michael [Xavier, who plays Logan Jonsen] is an unbelievable impressionist -- it's insane.

TAMMY: And Greg Bryk [Jeremy Danvers] is a genius. He's very wise, and there's a real light side to him, too. You know, hanging by hooks in a special effects scene and just riffing and having us all in stiches.

TOMMIE-AMBER: You've got to keep it fun.

TAMMY: When there's nudity and blood, you need to laugh.

Is Episode 3 awesome?

TOMMIE-AMBER: Insane! Insane!

TAMMY: Absolutely.

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