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Bitten Q&A: Season 2, Episode 4

Two of Bitten's leading ladies, Kiara Glasco (Savannah) and Genelle Williams (Rachel), share their thoughts on the unsettling events of "Dead Meat."

By Bryan Enk

Whoo boy, Episode 4 was a doozy, what with Savannah continuing to be bent to Aleister's evil will, Rachel witnessing Elena turn into a wolf and, of course, the most bizarre sex scene on Bitten to date (and that's saying something). Oh, and Malcolm appears to be dead, like, for good.

Two of Bitten's leading ladies, Kiara Glasco (Savannah) and Genelle Williams (Rachel), share their thoughts on the unsettling events of "Dead Meat."

Kiara, what's it been like to play the new character of Savannah Levine, a young witch just coming into her powers?

KIARA GLASCO: I think it's just phenomenal to see a witch coming into her powers and I think it’s so interesting to see a script turning into TV and how there's so many different ways they could have gone and it went this way. It was absolutely phenomenal to do.

Genelle, what are your thoughts on Rachel's arc as a character so far in the series?

GENELLE WILLIAMS: This season I think I fell more in love with Rachel. She got a lot more powerful and strong. I spoke with [producer] Daegan [Fryklind] at the beginning and she sort of pre-warned me that that was going to happen and she really does. She kicks ass this season and I love it, I can't wait for everybody to see where she goes.

What was it like shooting that scene where you're running through the forest?

GENELLE: So, we were running through the forest and there were these bouncing, jumping spider things, I don't like bugs, I hate them! [Producer] J.B. [Sugar] thought I was a complete moron. The running you see is real! I was running. They were attacking my ankles. It was crazy, it was hot and there were just bugs everywhere and I was not having it, so it was great that that was happening for that scene because it was an intense scene. Those bugs helped me.

Kiara, what it was like to work with Sean Rogerson [Aleister]? You certainly had a lot of time opposite him, what was that like?

KIARA: Well, I think everyone thinks that I'm going to be with the witches, but I'm separated, right? So everything's with Aleister most of the time. Oh my God, Sean is just an amazing actor to work with, I think he's just a phenomenal Aleister. He really makes the character his own. It was really interesting to kind of work together because it's kind of like he's the enemy, but then he's my friend. So we were trying to figure out what's going on with that. He’s an amazing actor to work with.

For Rachel, it was certainly an eye opening episode this season, wouldn’t you say? How does this change the game for Rachel?

GENELLE: It’s terrifying, is what it is, because it could really go either/or … When I first read it I was like, "Thanks guys, you killed Rachel!" just because humans are not supposed to see this, this is not how it's supposed to go. Then again, you have Greg [Bryk] as Jeremy and Jeremy rules all, and he may just say, "Well, we can work with this" ... I can't say what happens but I hope fans are thrilled to see where it goes and it definitely goes to a serious place, that's for sure.

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