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Bitten Q&A: Season 2, Episode 8

And now a few words with Steve Lund, who plays everyone's favorite sexy, flirtatious werewolf, Nick Sorrentino.

By Bryan Enk

And now a few words with Steve Lund, who plays everyone's favorite sexy, flirtatious werewolf, Nick Sorrentino!

Season Two has seen Nick grow into the Pack consigliere, or chief advisor. However, even with this added responsibility he seems to have time to sow his wild oats ... though it looks like he's met his match with Paige. Nick's always had a reputation of being good with the ladies, but this seems different. Is this love?

STEVE LUND: This is as close as it gets to love, in terms of what we're allowed to have. Being wolves and being in these complicated situations; it's confusing, it's messy, and it's ugly. We know that it can't be, but that's what’s beautiful about it as well. There is a lot of real passion and it's undeniable that there's a connection there. She's someone he can talk to about this world they live in.

Following Nick's love scene with Paige, he soon learned there was something off about Clay. What was it like shifting gears like that?

STEVE: It's weird, obviously. All these tensions are building up, there's so much frustration and the witches are throwing a wrench in the gears. You get caught up in the moment and see red. Afterwards it's like, "What the hell was that all about? We're homies."

We want to ask you about the scene with Jeremy at Stonehaven where Ruth tells him that Clay has to die. You said before that watching that scene while shooting was really emotional, can you tell us about that?

STEVE: Yeah, just watching Greg [Bryk] work any time is great and I always try to make a point of being around him if I'm not in a scene, and seeing is process. In this particular case they did a lot of different takes, there were a lot of different approaches that they took to it and Greg gave something different every time. It was so fascinating to watch. There were takes where he was breaking down, takes where he was breaking things; he just went through a whole range of emotions. It was heartbreaking for us to see, because it's so real. For him, having kids, he has a real connection to this material and used a lot of that. We were all crying off stage.

You got that emotional?

STEVE: I was standing in the foyer of Stonehaven just bawling, trying to keep my voice down.

That's also a testament to how close you all are in real life.

STEVE: Yeah, you see what he's going through and it's so authentic; it was a great performance.

You and some of the other cast member were at Toronto ComiCon recently. Was it fun to chat with the fans?

STEVE: It was the greatest. It was such an amazing day. Those are the moments when you really feel grateful for this life. It was incredible.