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Episode Recap: Bad Blood

Rachel is missing, evil wolf Malcolm is on the loose and the Pack has a week to find him or Jeremy loses his Alpha status. And that's when the witches attack.


Season Two of Bitten literally starts off with a bang as we're plunged into some nightmare lab/compound/torture chamber, where Season One's villainous computer nerd, Nate Parker, is freaking out as he's being interrogated by an unseen presence. He discovers a strange red mark on this neck, after which the door to his cell is seemingly left open for him.

Nate makes his way through the compound and to high ground, where he makes a run for it through a field and into the woods. He picks up speed by transforming into a wolf but soon begins to yelp with pain as the mark on his neck starts smoking. Upon passing a tree with the same marking, it seems to trigger an implanted explosive and it's bye-bye Nate — killed off in the very first episode of the second season, even before the opening titles!

From there, we meet up with Elena, who's torturing some poor mutt for information on the whereabouts of Malcolm Danvers, the man responsible for Season One's mutt uprising, the murder of her human lover, Philip, and the kidnapping of Logan's pregnant girlfriend, Rachel. The mutt tells Elena there's going to be a meeting o' the mutts down by the docks.

Back at Stonehaven, Jeremy's feeling the pressure from the Alpha Council, who threaten to strip Jeremy of his Alpha status if he doesn't deliver Malcolm in a week's time. The suspicious-looking Spanish Alpha, Roderigo Sanchez, will stay in town to assist, to which Jeremy reluctantly agrees.

Later, we catch up with Nick, who's having hot sex with a hot lady in a hotel room … though there's something else afoot as her employee I.D. card, labeled as BXZ Capital, is snatched by Joey (the rogue Pack member whom Jeremy suspected might be a traitor toward the end of Season One). Anyway, it's about time we got down to business - the first episode of Season One had a sex scene within the first few seconds!

Meanwhile, Logan has tracked down the father of Jacob, a mutt who was killed during the raid on Stonehaven at the end of Season One. Jacob's father tells Logan that his son recently owed some money to a meth dealer in Rochester … giving Logan his first clue to tracking down Malcolm.

Jeremy tells Roderigo his theory about Malcolm's mutt uprising being funded by a traitor in the Alpha Council, with his chief suspect being the head of the Russian pack, Roman Novakev. Roderigo swears vengeance on Roman and encourages Jeremy to pursue his leads to gather enough evidence.

At the docks, it looks like only one mutt showed up for the gathering, and a still-furious Elena questions him about Malcolm's whereabouts. The mutt refuses and instead taunts Elena about Philip's gruesome murder, after which she pulls out his tongue, breaks his neck and sets him on fire. Clay's protests that the poor bastard may have had more useful information go unheeded - this is a woman on what the movies call a "roaring rampage of revenge," and certainly one who's not really coming to terms with her grief over Philip.

No time for psychoanalysis, though, as Elena and Clay are soon attacked by a group of weirdoes who demand they hand over "the One True Cursed, the Werewolf: Malcolm Danvers" and exclaim "For the Undoing: The Destroyer Comes!" Defeating these crazies proves to be a challenge as they don't seem to feel any pain, and once the last one is finally subdued our heroes find they bear the same marking on their necks that Nate Parker did.

Meanwhile, Joey has managed to put a hidden camera in Nick's lover's employee card, and from there they're able to get information on Malcolm's financial accounts - which are apparently funded by a Russian source. Malcolm's also being making utility payments to Rochester Power … giving them another clue to his current whereabouts.

We then go to Malcolm's Rochester hideout, where poor Rachel isn't eating and Malcolm himself is concerned that Nate hasn't been returning his calls. His mutt goons are soon freaked out by a crow flying into the house, which crashes into the wall … and gets up and flies out like nothing happened. Things get even weirder - and scarier - as everyone's nose starts bleeding and the hideout is enveloped in a blinding flash of light …

Later, Logan enters the hideout to find all of the mutts dead, both Rachel and Malcolm missing … and a symbol on the wall written in blood, the same marking seen on the necks of Nate Parker and the weirdoes who attacked Clay and Elena on the docks. Logan thinks Malcolm did this, though Malcolm is actually at a diner (without Rachel), hitching a ride south with an old man … and being followed by two strange women, who use some sort of magic to find out which direction he turned when they reach a crossroads. Hmm!

Back at Stonehaven, Jeremy reveals to Roderigo that he knows it's him who's Malcolm's secret benefactor and not Roman. After Jeremy slams his head onto the desk, Roderigo confesses that he recently wired $200,000 to Malcolm in Baton Rouge and that he'll be on a plane to Bangkok that very night. Jeremy decides to keep the traitor alive and tells him to stand by and wait for instructions.

Jeremy, Clay, Elena, Nick and Logan track Malcolm down to his hideout in Baton Rouge, though the sudden appearance of his estranged family doesn't seem to faze the big bad wolf in the least. "Something's coming for us," he tells them. "Protect yourselves."

As Jeremy and Malcolm engage in fisticuffs, Logan and Nick run into the surrounding field to investigate a voice that sounds like Rachel crying for help. They find only a doll floating in a well, and as they run back to Malcolm's shack, we see they're being watched by our two mystery women.

Jeremy is about to finish off Malcolm when Logan runs in to tell him that Rachel is nowhere to be found. They take Malcolm prisoner, planning to beat Rachel's whereabouts out of him back at Stonehaven.

That night, the two mystery women perform some sort of ritual where one of them channels a third woman named "Savannah." "Savannah" asks "Did you find the wolf?" and mentions a man named "Aleister," who doesn't sound like the nicest guy in the world. "Savannah" then asks if they can hear "the screaming" …

… which takes us into some horrible-looking lab, where Rachel is strapped to a gurney as an unknown figure plunges a needle into her pregnant belly. Zoinks!

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