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Episode Recap: Bad Dreams

An old villain returns, a secret past is revealed and Elena learns she’s probably going to die. Yep, good times.


Savannah may have escaped Aleister's compound, but now she's plagued by unpleasant visions. Running through a fog-covered field, she enters a greenhouse, where an unidentified figure is feasting on Elena's stomach. Elena turns to Savannah and tells her that they're all going to be "Dead by dawn." Sheesh, can't Savannah just dream about, you know, flying or having a pet unicorn or something?

Back in the waking world, Elena is adjusting back to her life with Clay at Stonehaven, though she's obviously been somewhat traumatized by her experiences at Aleister's compound. She cuts her hair short as Clay suggests they could maybe use a vacation. No time for that, though …

Downstairs, Jeremy's getting some flak from the Council, led by Roman, the Russian Alpha. They demand more proof of Malcolm's demise as they want to make sure there are no loose ends and that their secrets are safe. They demand to meet Malcolm's murderer, Elena, whom Council member Eduardo (last seen at Stonehaven looking for his dead Alpha, Roderigo) claims is "magnificent" (what a creep). Elena enters, and Roman asks how she, as a woman, managed to survive her first change. She says she survived due to Jeremy's guidance and counsel … and if they want to evolve as a species, they should listen to him. Damn right.

Back at Aleister's compound, Nick and Paige are cleaning house, disintegrating Aleister's spinning top and burning all of the horrific samples in the lab. Nick tells Paige about the last words his father Antonio said to him: the name of his mother, Lily, who owns a restaurant in nearby Hawkesbury. Nick is reluctant to contact her, as it would inevitably put her life in danger. After Nick calls Clay to tell him there's still no sign of Logan and Rachel, Paige suggests they stop at a certain restaurant in Hawkesbury on their way back to Stonehaven.

Back at Stonehaven, Eduardo is stirring up trouble as he accuses Jeremy of murdering his Alpha, Roderigo. Eduardo says if Jeremy ever wants to see Nick again, he will kill Roman by the end of the day. Quite the power play! Jeremy tells Clay the situation and tries to get Nick on his cell phone. Unfortunately, Nick left his phone in his truck … and it's soon stolen by one of Eduardo's goons.

Nick has no idea this is happening, as he and Paige are inside Lily's restaurant in Hawkesbury, where Nick meets his mother for the first time. Not revealing his identity, he enjoys an afternoon with this kindly woman, who reveals that she lost her fiancé and child at 17 and bought the restaurant as a way to take control of her life. Nick and Paige decide to stay the night at the local B&B before heading back to Stonehaven.

Things are getting even more heated at Stonehaven as Elena and Roman's getting-to-know-you walk through the grounds is interrupted by Savannah, who tells Elena of her disturbing vision. As Elena comforts the young witch in the kitchen, Roman tells Jeremy he is outraged that the human child was invited into their home. Roman's blood boils even more when Savannah identifies him as the one who's eating Elena's stomach in her vision; as she knows Roman is a werewolf, the Russian Alpha demands her death … and Jeremy must find a successor for his Pack for associating with vedmas (Russian for witches).

The next morning, Nick and Paige's breakfast at the B&B restaurant is interrupted by a surprise appearance by Lily, who tells Nick she knows he's her son thanks to the photographs that Antonio would mail her over the years. Unable to take this sudden turn of events, Nick flees to the other side of the restaurant, where he smells another werewolf nearby …

Meanwhile, Clay's been tailing Eduardo and sees him commiserating with an old foe of the Pack: Karl Marsten! After Eduardo leaves, Clay attacks Marsten, who reveals Eduardo's plan to kill Jeremy and take over the North American Pack. Marsten says he was planning on telling Jeremy, as he owes him his life (after the events of Season One). Jeez, you never know if you can believe and/or trust this guy, can you?

Nick and Paige track the werewolf to a nearby cornfield, where it's revealed to be Eduardo's goon who stole Nick's cell phone. The goon has Lily hostage, though the tables are soon turned when Nick, in wolf form, attacks and drags the goon into the rows of corn. Lily tells Paige that she knows the wolf is Nick, her son.

Back in human form, Nick interrogates the goon, who says Jeremy started a war after killing Roderigo … and that everyone in Stonehaven will be dead by the time Nick returns. Nick cuts the goon's throat and has a tearful goodbye with his mother.

Back at Stonehaven, Jeremy has convinced Roman of Eduardo's treacherous plan. As Elena kills the invading goons, Roman confronts Eduardo and prepares to dispense justice. Unfortunately, a goon holding Savannah hostage provides enough of a distraction for Eduardo to make a run for it, but not before the goon starts bleeding horribly … exactly the way Dr. Sondra Bauer met her demise. Did Savannah do that … ?

As Roman tells Jeremy he trusts in his judgment and leadership in regards to Savannah, Clay pursues Eduardo through the woods. He's soon stopped by Aleister, who reveals his new plan to get Savannah back: possessing Clay's body and infiltrating Stonehaven from within! The episode ends with Aleister, now in Clay's body, putting his own body into a storage shed. Oh, no …

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