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Episode Recap: Dead Meat

A kidnapped Elena comes in contact with Savannah but must face a woman who brings a new meaning to the term "mad scientist."


We open with Elena strapped to a gurney in some creepy lab, where the walls are lined with jars containing body parts labeled "Nate Parker," the poor chap whose neck went kablooey in the very first scene of Episode 1. Aleister tells her that she's "the most powerful werewolf" and that her blood is "the answer to achieve The Undoing." And just to make sure she doesn't wander too far, Aleister puts his now-familiar mark on her neck.

Elena awakens in a cell, where she hears what sounds like Savannah calling out to her. Elena manages to kick a small hole in the wall before a couple of Aleister's goons come in and zap her back into unconsciousness.

Back at Stonehaven, Ruth is communicating with Savannah via Paige, warning her not to trust Aleister. Savannah reports that Aleister is doing experiments on Elena, though the connection is cut off when one of Aleister's goons enters Savannah's room.

Back in the lab, a redheaded mad scientist we'll later come to know as Dr. Sondra Bauer tells Elena that she is "the way through" and that she will "open the gate to The Undoing." She seems in awe of Elena, though any sense of respect is vaporized upon her performing painful experiments on her test subject.

Meanwhile, Aleister continues his charming corruption of Savannah, telling her that the witches were going to use her as an object for barter. He also says he has to keep her locked in her room for her own safety, as her new neighbor is a werewolf. Aleister continues to nurture Savannah's powers, instructing her to use her left hand to move a glass of water across the table. She does … and her mentor is pleased.

Outside, Logan has arrived at the compound after hitching a ride on the truck used to transport fallen goons. He looks through the window of one of the buildings and sees his beloved Rachel in need of rescuing.

Aleister tells Sondra that Savannah is coming into her powers nicely, though the mad doctor is frustrated by her own experiments with Elena's blood. She needs to take a blood sample with Elena in wolf form, though her test subject refuses to change. After asking nicely doesn't work, Sondra tells Elena that they'll use extreme measures if need be.

Back at Stonehaven, Nick and Paige continue their flirty courtship and Ruth prepares to use dark magic to communicate with the spirit of Melanie Lau, the Aleister goon who committed suicide at the end of last week's episode. Paige's protests that such practice is dangerous go unheeded as Ruth reveals that Aleister is indeed a witch himself … which means someone broke something called The Commandment.

Back in her cell, Elena tries to convince her next-door neighbor that Aleister is using her. An annoyed Savannah tells the guard that "The werewolf's bugging me," after which Elena is tortured once again, much to Savannah's dismay.

Logan reunites with Rachel, who's terrified upon the sounding of a bell that, according to her, means it's time to go to "the Gentling Room." They make a run for it before any "Gentling" can occur.

When Elena regains consciousness, she's in a new cell, and the one across from her contains Richard Hart, the mutt she interrogated in Episode 1. Richard is furious with Elena, claiming he told her everything he knew about Malcolm and still she gave him up to these "sadistic bastards." Richard claims "When this door opens, I'm gonna kill you.

The voice of Dr. Sondra Bauer announces that this scenario is a "controlled experiment to observe combat.” Elena begs Richard not to give into their sick game, but he thinks it's just a trick to make him not change while she does. Richard transforms into a wolf and the cell doors are opened.

Elena and Richard-wolf face each other, though Elena ruins Dr. Bauer's little experiment by getting on her knees and submitting herself to the more powerful opponent. A furious Aleister orders his guards to intervene, which allows Richard-wolf to escape and Elena to get revenge on her shock-happy jailer.

Elena and Richard-wolf make it to high ground and make a run through the forest, along with Logan and Rachel. Their escape attempt is thwarted by the marks on Elena's, Rachel's and Richard-wolf's necks starting to smoke. Logan and Rachel surrender and Elena collapses as Richard-wolf's neck explodes. Aleister gloats. Man, someone needs to put this guy in his place.

Aleister makes things more simple for Elena: Turn into a wolf or he'll kill Rachel. Elena submits, and a shocked Rachel learns a little something new about her friend.

Back at Stonehaven, Ruth performs her dark magic ritual and contacts Melanie Lau's spirit. Melanie speaks of "fresh daises" and "we harvest the purple seeds to purge our sins for The Undoing" and "I feel sick … I must see Dr. Bauer." Fearing for Ruth's life, Paige cuts off the dangerous connection.

Jeremy tells Nick and Clay that if the Alpha Council ever found out they've aligned with the Witches, they're as good as dead. This rescue operation is strictly hush-hush and on the QT.

Back in the lab, Sondra is still frustrated with the results of her experiments. After a moment's contemplation, she puts some of Elena's wolf blood into a syringe …

Back in the cells, Savannah apologizes to Elena for sicking the guards on her. After they bond over the fact that they both lost their parents at a young age, Elena promises Savannah that she won't let anything bad happen to her. They hold hands through the hole in the wall, the full moon looking down on them through the window.

The episode ends with Sondra and Aleister having ritualistic sex in the center of a circle of candles as hooded goons look silently on. Just before orgasm, Sondra exclaims that Aleister will "never need anyone else ever again" … and injects herself with Elena's wolf blood. Aleister writhes in pleasure as Sondra convulses in pain.

Never doubt that Bitten knows how to throw a party.

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