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Episode Recap: Scare Tactics

As Clay's origins are revealed, the true agenda of the witches comes to light.


The episode opens 20 years in the past, where young Clay and his mother are outside their trailer in rural Louisiana preparing for a Welcome Home celebration for Clay's Marine father. Even as a young lad, Clay is sullen, which prompts his mama to encourage him to run off and play.

Clay ventures through the woods and comes to a run-down house in a clearing, where he's greeted by the big bad wolf himself, Malcolm Danvers. Malcolm claims he's very hungry and he's going to satiate his hunger with Clay … and maybe even Clay's mom, too.

Clay flees into the woods, where he's attacked by Malcolm-wolf and bitten … the first step toward becoming the scowling hottie academic we now know and love.

Back in the present day, Clay visits Professor Shayhouse, an expert in pagan symbology, at Tulane University in Clay's home state. Shayhouse is terrified by the symbol Clay shows him, the one written in blood on the wall at Malcolm's Rochester hideout and on the necks of the doomsayers that attacked Clay and Elena at the docks. The professor claims it's not pagan or Wiccan but rather "left-hand path, malevolent practice" and tells Clay to seek out a Miss Yoruba for more information.

Clay finds Miss Yoruba brutally murdered and a book that contains the phrase "The Destroyer Comes," which is exactly what one of the crazies at the dock said to Clay and Elena. What madness is afoot?

Meanwhile, Malcolm is locked in the cage at Stonehaven and refusing to reveal the location of Rachel, warning Jeremy that "There's something coming for us." After seemingly agreeing to let Roderigo kill Malcolm himself, Jeremy tears out the Spanish Alpha's throat right in front of his father to assure him that no "calvary" is coming for him" … after which the sounds of intense whispering fills the room.

Before returning to New York, Clay visits his old trailer, where he tells the groundskeeper that a family used to live there. The groundskeeper tells him the little boy went missing, the mother was attacked and killed by a wolf and the father, who had just returned home from Somalia, soon after took his own life. Heartbroken, Clay runs out of the trailer, not revealing that he's the little boy who disappeared all those years back.

Back at Stonehaven, a thick mist has drifted onto the property, and Jeremy, Elena and Nick split up to investigate. Nick comes across a burlap bag that's writhing across the forest floor of its own accord … and comes face-to-face with one of the witches we met in Episode 1. She quickly utters a spell and touches Nick's forehead, after which his eyes start bleeding horribly. He screams in terror. Strange brew, baby!

Back in the house, the second witch enters the kitchen and drops a marble-like object, which rolls across the floor and down the stairs to the basement, coming to a stop at the base of Malcolm's cage. Before she can follow its path, she's chased out of the house of Logan in wolf form.

Jeremy and Elena find the terrified Nick, who claims he's blind. They get him to the safety of the house as the mist clears away, the spell seemingly broken as the witches have retreated.

Clay arrives at Stonehaven and confronts Malcolm about Miss Yoruba's book. Malcolm says she died keeping protecting the book from him … and that it contains information on how to fight their new enemy.

Elena ventures to the local diner to meet with Philip's sister Diane, whose calls and texts she's been leaving unanswered since Philip's death. Diane is heartbroken and furious over Elena's family's unexplained yet obviously extremely dangerous "business" … and that Philip himself got involved in it. Diane leaves, telling Elena to never contact her or her family again, and she'll do her the same courtesy.

Back at Stonehaven, the Pack utilizes one of the spells in Miss Yoruba's book to summon the witches. Sure enough, the two ladies appear behind Jeremy's desk … though they assure them that they came of their own accord, and that their front door was open.

The older witch introduces herself as Ruth Winterbourne and the younger as her associate, Paige. Like the Pack, they come from the "Otherworld," and they mean no harm: "‘Live and Let Live' is our motto," says Ruth.

However, they're all being hunted by the man responsible for the massacre in Rochester, and that man wants Malcolm, in particular. The witches want to hand Malcolm over to the man in exchange for the safe return of a young girl he kidnapped (the "Savannah" that was channeled at the end of Episode 1). Jeremy refuses to let them have Malcolm, and the witches leave … for now.

Down in the basement, an enraged Elena confronts Malcolm, who taunts her about Philip's death. Elena is ready to kill Malcolm right then and there — without getting the location of Rachel's whereabouts from him — but the quick intervention of Clay and Logan keeps her from opening the cage.

Later, Jeremy reveals to Malcolm that he knows Malcolm doesn't know where Rachel is, and promises he'll be dead by dawn. "First light will be your last," Jeremy tells his father.

Upstairs, Jeremy comforts a heartbroken Logan, who's coming to terms with the possibility that he may never see Rachel ever again, or ever know his unborn son. Jeremy assures him that he is home, and this is his family - no more talk of "going mutt."

It would appear that the witches left a little something in the bowl of walnuts on Jeremy's desk: a green jewel. The next morning, Elena and Clay wake up to find every door and window in the house wide open … including the gate to Malcolm's cell!

So where's Malcolm? Did he escape … or did someone else take him?

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