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Bitten Season 2 Rewind: Everything Was Hot, Hot, Hot

Bitten returns on February 15! Let's refresh where we left off with Elena and the gang at the end of Season 2, shall we?

By Bryan Enk

Werewolves, witches, and humans, oh my! Season 2 of Bitten featured some wild moments for the pack. From discovering a coven of witches, to a mad scientist, to body possession, things got hot and heavy for the denizens of Stonehaven.

The season kicked it off with some passionate moments between Clay and Elena. What could go wrong?


Unfortunately, things were bound to go awry at Stonehaven when shirts were outlawed ... and the wolves discovered they weren’t the only supernatural beings.


Between going face-to-face with Malcolm Danvers and getting kidnapped, things were starting to look bleak for Elena, especially when a mad scientist decided to experiment with her blood in some unique ways.


All of the craziness of the season sure did put a lot of stress on the residents of Stonehaven, including Nick.


Stonehaven was burning up (figuratively … for now) as things began to get intense between Nick and witch Paige. They've got some mad chemistry!


But the Pack always prevails. The finale culminated in death, blood, and even more death. Don’t worry, there was still time for Clay and Elena ... right before Elena had a terrifying vision of herself covered in blood, chilling at Jeremy's desk as Stonehaven burned around her.


A pretty fiery season if we do say so ourselves.


Things will only get hotter when the third season of Bitten premieres February 15 at 11/10c.