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Bitten: The Best Moments From Seasons 1-3

Here are our Top 10 favorite moments from all three seasons of Bitten.

By Bryan Enk

Tonight is the season finale of Bitten and we're gearing up to find out what's going to happen to Jeremy now that he's been double-crossed by Konstantin, what kind of vengeance The Albino's twin brother is planning and, of course, if Elena's going to be okay (of course she is, but still).

The season finale also has us looking back on all the thrills, chills, conflict and romance across all three seasons of Bitten — so many shocking transformations, bloody fights, heartfelt exchanges and, of course, hot sex scenes. Here are our Top 10 favorite moments from all three seasons of Bitten, presented in chronological order.

  1. Panic at the Disco: Season 1, Episode 3: "Trespass"

    "Do you have any idea how much carnage we might be looking at?" asks Sheriff Karen Morgan (R.I.P.) as she and her fellow police officers rush to a dance club at which Scott the Mutt (Marc Bendavid, future star of Dark Matter) is wrecking wolfy havoc. Scott eventually gets shot and run over by a truck, 'cause that's rock n roll, baby.

    Panic at the Disco

  2. Daddy Issues: Season 1, Episode 13: "Ready"

    We love the moment where the leader of Season 1's Mutt Revolution is revealed to be none other than Malcolm Danvers, Jeremy's most certainly non-deceased father. The father-son verbal sparring is a treat, with both men refusing to back down on their hatred and disappointment in each other. Drama!

    Daddy Issues

  3. Godfather, Bitten Style: Season 1, Episode 13: "Ready"

    How do you dissolve a love triangle? Cutting off the third party's head is certainly one way. Season 1 ended rather gruesomely as Elena found the severed noggin of her real-world beau Philip in her bed, a little love note from dear old Malcolm Danvers.

    Godfather, Bitten Style

  4. Goodbye, Malcolm: Season 2, Episode 3: "Hell's Teeth"

    The first part of Season 2 has Elena bound and determined to kill Malcolm Danvers for what he did to Philip, and in Episode 3, she got the job done. Their fight scene is one for the books, ending with Elena tearing the sumbitch's throat out with her awesome fingernails. Too bad Malcolm wasn't the real threat of Season 2 …  

    Goodbye, Malcolm

  5. You'll Never Need Anyone Else: Season 2, Episode 4: "Dead Meat"

    The big bad of Season 2 ended up being Aleister Vi, a powerful male witch determined to destroy all other witches on earth. His mad scientist colleague and lover, Dr. Sondra Bauer, was quite the piece of work, eventually becoming her own guinea pig for her bizarre genetic experiments … and engaging in crazy pagan sex with her man-witch. Weird, but hot.

    You'll Never Need Anyone Else

  6. You Will Pay: Season 2, Episode 6: "Nine Circles"

    Perhaps our all-time favorite moment from Season 2 is when Aleister sent Elena way down the rabbit hole, inflicting her with nightmarish visions and hallucinations as she attempted to traverse his evil labyrinthian lair (or did she?). The most unsettling of these visions was Philip's sister Diane, who had previously severed her friendship with Elena rather unpleasantly, getting all freaky and Silent Hill-ish. Shudder.  

    You Will Pay

  7. The Witch is Dead: Season 2, Episode 10: "Fine Temporum"

    Ding dong. The final episode of Season 2 was all sorts of satisfying as the Stonehaven gang raided a witches sanctuary (in Boston, at that) for the final showdown with Aleister. Ruth didn't make it … and neither did the Bad Witch, who finally succumbed to the drowning fate meant for him 30 years prior. Best. Bitten. Villain. Ever.

    The Witch is Dead

  8. Here's the Weakness: Season 3, Episode 6: "Rule of Anger"

    Our all-time favorite Bitten fight scene happened in Season 3, with the red-eyed assassin known only as The Albino taking on both Clay and Elena. The fights in Bitten had always been impressive, but this one was particularly brutal and bone-crunching. Awesome.

    Here's the Weakness

  9. It's Always Been You: Season 3, Episode 6: "Rule of Anger"

    We like the witchy stuff on Bitten, and although it took something of a backseat in Season 3, what was there definitely cast a spell. We have to admit, we thought it was little Rocco who had the superpowers, too, so the revelation that it was actually Rachel making all that stuff fly through the air was something of a surprise. Good — Rachel deserves to be a badass after all she's been through.  

    It's Always Been You

  10. Alone and Unloved: Season 3, Episode 9: "Shock the System"

    Not one but two major villains bought the farm in the penultimate episode of Season 3: Jeremy wolfed out (without actually turning into a wolf) and tore out Roman's throat with his damn teeth (whoa!) and Clay wolfed out (literally) to take out The Albino. Unfortunately, Konstantin's still making trouble for the Stonehaven gang, and The Albino's twin brother is out there somewhere with vengeance on his mind …

    Alone and Unloved

Bitten Season 3, Episode 10: "Truth, Changes, Everything" airs tonight at 11/10c.