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Episode Recap: A Quiet Dog

Jeremy attempts to reconcile the blood feud between Roman and Sasha while Alexei complicates things with his first transformation.


Jeremy's had enough of Roman's skulking around his territory, and his son Konstantin holding a knife to Elena's throat was the last straw. Jeremy demands Roman meet him at a shipping warehouse owned by the Sorrentinos (Nick's family), where he, Roman and Sasha will settle this situation like men. No Russian thugs are allowed on the property, and Clay's on point to enforce this rule.

Jeremy, Roman and Sasha meet in the conference room, where we find out what started this 30-year Blood Feud in the first place. Many years ago, Sasha fell in love with Roman's daughter, Natalya, which led to Natalya discovering that her father was a werewolf. Being the fierce traditionalist that he is, Roman was left with no choice but to kill his own daughter to protect his secret and that of his Pack. He blames Sasha for putting him in this horrible position.

Meanwhile, Konstantin, who's being held in chains back at Stonehaven, is putting together the pieces. He realizes that Sasha is Elena's father … and that his own sister, Natalya, was Elena's mother. And what better way for an uncle and niece to bond? By fighting, of course, after Konstantin manages to free himself, though he soon flees after Elena gets the better of him ('cause she's Elena, after all).

In an attempt to save Sasha's life (and that of Sasha's son, Alexei, and daughter, Katia), Jeremy has made an offer that Roman can't (or at least shouldn't) refuse: access to the counterfeiting plates formerly owned by the recently deceased Brothers Durst. Roman can certainly use the cash, as those briefcases to his district bosses have been getting lighter with every delivery; the counterfeiting would ensure Roman would remain in power in Russia for years to come.

Meanwhile, things are starting to heat up outside. Karen, who doesn't seem to be content in her retirement, has gone back into sheriff mode as she pursues Victor Larnov, one of Roman's thugs fresh off the plane from Russia. She follows Victor to the shipping warehouse, where he engages in fisticuffs with Clay … and Karen inadvertently witnesses the first transformation of the restless and increasingly rebellious Alexei, who had come to the warehouse looking to help.

Back in the conference room, Roman lets pride win over fiscal responsibility and attacks Sasha with a blade. Karen is wounded when she intervenes and Roman runs off with the counterfeiting plates. Clay makes short work of Victor and runs in pursuit of Alexei, whom he finds naked and freaked out in the nearby woods … and covered in human blood. Who did he kill?

Jeremy figures the Russians will now go after Katia and tells Nick to get her to safe harbor. Elena gets the wounded Sasha back to Stonehaven whilst Jeremy tends to Karen … who might now know too much for her own good.

At the airport, Roman meets up with the battered and bruised Konstantin and declares war on Jeremy. Konstantin tells Roman that Sasha is Elena's father, a piece of information that will probably most definitely shape their next move.

The episode ends with Elena getting some of Sasha's blood on her face, which prompts a certain grim vision to return: herself covered in blood, calmly sitting as Stonehaven burns around her …