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Episode Recap: Family, Of Sorts

Jeremy extends dominance over the wolves in his territory while Elena's world is turned upside down.


Upon losing Logan to Aleister's attack on Stonehaven in Season 2, Jeremy is laying down the law to all wolves and mutts alike: join the Pack, or die. How serious is he? Sleazy counterfeiter Freddie Durst dares defy Jeremy's will, and he gets his head caved in with a wrench … much to the chagrin of his brother, Bucky.

Jeremy's also enforcing strict lockdown rules with Rachel, the mother of Logan's infant son, Rocco. She's forbidden to leave the house, living life as if she were in the Witness Protection Program. Nick's words of comfort fall on deaf ears.

Jeremy's dictator-like actions aren't approved by Elena, who dreams of moving out of Stonehaven and raising children with Clay. She's also dreaming of herself covered in blood as Stonehaven burns to the ground … a vision her witch pal Paige says won't go away until it comes true.

Meanwhile, exiled Spanish Pack member Eduardo is still on the loose, and a sniper attack by his brother Pablo results in the death of beloved Pack member Joey. After capturing Pablo at a storage facility. Jeremy and Clay brutally torture him until he gives up the location of his brother, who's now in cahoots with Bucky Durst to get revenge on Jeremy. Jeremy, Clay and Nick raid Eduardo’s hideout but find it deserted, with only the remnants of several explosive devices left behind.

The kicker? Elena is approached by a young girl named Katia, who introduces her to her brother, Alexei, and her father, Sasha Antonov, a werewolf that's been living in exile up in the Yukon … and who claims to be Elena's father!