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Episode Recap: On the Brink

Elena proposes an unholy alliance while Rachel and Nick battle Roman's Pack to save her son.


So much for those counterfeiting plates — Konstantin tells Roman that they're useless as long as they're away from Mother Russia and its sweet printing supplies. Roman reminds Konstantin that they're not going anywhere until Sasha is dead … and slices his son's neck every so slightly just to drive the point home. Oh, dad.

The ever-abused and underappreciated Konstantin accepts Elena's unexpected invitation to come to Stonehaven, where they drink Scotch and try to come up with a way to put a stop to this senseless blood feud. They agree that the only course of action is to kill Roman, after which Konstantin will call off the rampaging Albino. Uncle and Niece shake on it … after which Elena has another one of her fiery, bloody visions.

Meanwhile, Rachel's getting better at this witch stuff as she uses her ever-growing powers to track down Rocco. Now she, Paige and Nick are in hot pursuit of impromptu babynapper Katia, who's holed up in a hotel room and trying to calm a screaming infant.

Sasha and Alexei join the search for Katia and Rocco, though before they hit the road, Alexei provides his sister with Roman's phone number, swiped from Jeremy's computer at Stonehaven. Katia sends Roman part of the video she shot of Rachel showing off her newfound witchy ways, which intrigues the Russian Alpha.

After Katia finally gets Rocco to sleep via a rather lovely Russian lullaby, she videophones Roman and shows him the prize: a werewolf baby who's also a witch (or at least whose mother is a witch). And the kid's all his … if he calls off the blood feud.

Of course, Katia has no intention of taking Rocco to her meeting with Roman. She texts Alexei her hotel room details so he can pick up the baby … and she's off to plug Roman full of holes, courtesy of the pistol she swiped from Rachel.

Katia tells Roman to meet her at the fountain on the corner of Main and Franklin, but she doesn't take one step out of her hotel room before Russian thugs are knocking down her door. Luckily, Nick comes to the rescue and Rachel is reunited with her son. Sasha is none too happy with Katia, but she defends her actions as an attempt to put an end to a life of running and hiding … something Sasha himself has never been able to do.

As for Rachel, she's had enough. She tells Nick to tell Jeremy that he doesn't get to decide where she lives, what she does or what happens to her son; Paige is going to train her in her witch-ness and she's taking control of her life. She says goodbye to Nick, who receives some reassurance from Paige that he hasn't seen the last of Rachel — after all, they're family!

Nick and Katia head back to Stonehaven, though they're soon trailed by two of Roman's seemingly never-ending supply of Russian thugs …

So where's The Albino during all of this? If you remember, he's the new proprietor of Reg's Tavern, and he's invited Clay for a few drinks on the house. The Albino is fascinated by "Clayton," as he's the only man to ever get away from him … and a man who puts his love for a woman over any sort of power play for dominion over humankind. Clay warns him that he'll be waiting for him out there in the real world … though The Albino counters with saying Clay should say goodbye to Elena before it's too late.

Back in the parking lot, Clay tells Jorge that this cuckoo bird needs to be put down as soon as possible. The Albino is wild, unpredictable, and prone to sudden acts of violence in broad freakin' daylight … such as slicing a trucker's throat for no particular reason other than he's amused by it. Such madness turns to heartbreak when Clay disposes of the body, only to return to his own vehicle to find Jorge's been murdered … and The Albino no longer sitting smugly in his tavern. Where did he go?

Back at Stonehaven, Elena comforts a grieving Clay, telling him that they need to stop The Albino together. They're all dead if they don't take back control … and to do that, they need to help Jeremy kill Roman.

And where is Jeremy on his long, lonely road to revenge? He's stopped at a realtor's office, where his inquiry into "a large house with a lot of land" reveals the Rosenmount Estate, a lovely piece of property currently being rented by "Russian businessmen." Jeremy now knows where Roman's hanging his hat …

The episode ends with Nick and Katia's journey back to Stonehaven hitting a snag when they're rear-ended by Roman's thugs. Their vehicle goes tumbling off the road, coming to a stop at the bottom of a hill. Oh, man … are they okay?