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Episode Recap: Our Own Blood

As Elena questions the veracity of her new 'family,' a new threat emerges which could destroy the Pack.


Meanwhile, in Moscow, it looks like our old pal Roman Navikev (the Russian Alpha) is about to get it on with a prostitute handcuffed to a bed (kinky!), but looks, as always, can be deceiving 'round here: she's actually a witch, one whom Roman forces to reveal the whereabouts of what she calls "the wolf who betrayed you" — turns out this wolf is with the "She-Wolf," and we know who that is: Elena!

"The wolf who betrayed you" is apparently Sasha Antonov, the Russian who claims to be Elena's father. What's Roman's beef with him?

Back in the States (upstate New York, to be exact), Elena and Sasha's daughter-dad talk is interrupted by the appearance of one of Eduardo's goons, with whom Elena engages in fisticuffs. Elena gets an assist from dear old dad when he snaps the mutt's neck and drives off with the body.

Sasha, his son Alexei and daughter Katia lay low in an abandoned building, where Sasha asks Alexei to find a secure room with no windows … something that could "contain a werewolf." It seems that Alexei's first transformation is imminent, and, as Sasha tells Katia, it's not going to be pretty.

Elena returns to Stonehaven, where Clay is preparing to fortify the house against an impending Eduardo-led invasion. Elena is torn by Sasha's claims, especially since she has finally found the family she always wanted with the Pack. Elena and Clay consummate their love on the kitchen table, as werewolves sometimes (often) do.

The mood is broken with the arrival of Bucky Durst, who's pretending to be going along with the Pack but is really in cahoots with Eduardo. After being creepy with Elena while she's trying to make dinner, he gives himself away by whistling a little Strauss … the same piece of music that was playing when Jeremy, Nick and Clay arrived at Eduardo's hideout.

You know what that means: WEREWOLF FIGHT! While Clay and Bucky beat each other to a pulp in Jeremy's office, Elena and Eduardo himself throw down in the kitchen. Clay eventually stabs Bucky to death and Elena knocks Eduardo unconscious, tossing the former Spanish Pack member into Stonehaven's notorious basement cage.

Just then … Roman shows up, demanding scotch. Huh. Interesting timing.

Jeremy and Nick, who had found Bucky's counterfeiting equipment in Eduardo's storage space and thus confirmed his treachery, return to Stonehaven shortly after Roman's arrival. Roman tells Jeremy that he's on the hunt for a very dangerous mutt … one he believes is in the vicinity of Stonehaven. Jeremy is suspicious of Roman but is left no choice but to wait for the Russian Alpha to reveal his agenda on his own terms.  

Jeremy and Roman descend to the basement, where they taunt and torture Eduardo. Eduardo seems unfazed, saying that, as he has no heirs, his bloodline will die with him … as will Jeremy's when he dies. They are both men without legacies - "alone in life, forgotten in death." Jeremy glowers as Roman brutally butchers Eduardo, stabbing and chopping him over and over with an axe.

Meanwhile, Elena has agreed to meet with Sasha at the local diner, where he continues to build his case that he's Elena's father by presenting her long-lost second baby shoe, the partner to the one she keeps in a box of her childhood trinkets. When Elena inquires about Alexei and Katia's mother, whom Sasha had met several years after Elena's mother's death, he tells her that she was killed by "a wolf with one red eye."

Who could this be?