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Episode Recap: Right Behind You

As a showdown with Roman approaches, Jeremy must decide Elena's fate with the Pack.


Jeremy is in a hardware store purchasing tarps, gloves, shovels, cement, and a big ol' ax that comes with the name 'Titanis.' Whatever these tools are going to be used for, it's probably going to be messy.

In the parking lot, Jeremy runs into Karen Morgan, the now-retired sheriff from Season 1, and they commence with flirting like no time has passed. She claims she came to Bear Valley looking for a quieter life and being a cop isn't the way to do that … though she may find herself plunged into some Stonehaven excitement once again if the contents of Jeremy's shopping cart are any indication.  

Sure enough, all that stuff is later used to dispense with Eduardo's body. Jeremy and Clay chop him into little pieces (well, presumably littler than the ones Roman so brutally made in Episode 2) and put them into cement; once the cement dries, they toss the blocks into the river. It's all very Mafia.

On a more romantic and less gruesome note, Clay takes Elena to their dream house, which is surrounded by 1,000 acres of pristine forest. It's a fixer-upper, but it would theirs, away from Stonehaven … though Clay currently isn't very happy about keeping what he knows about Sasha Antonov from Jeremy — namely, that the runaway Russian mutt is Elena's father.

Over tea at Stonehaven, Elena comes clean to Jeremy about Sasha coming to her and reveals that he has a human daughter (Katia), a big no-no in the traditions of the Pack. Jeremy says they have to hand Sasha over to the Russians, but Elena says they can't … because Sasha is her father.
Jeremy meets with Sasha at his hideout and tells him he won't offer him safe harbor … but he also won't tell Roman of his whereabouts. And if he leaves town now, he'll turn a blind eye to his human daughter. Sasha assures Jeremy that this situation isn't 'Pack politics' but strictly a feud between Roman and himself — so much that if, say, Roman were to die, the Russians wouldn't come after Sasha and his family. Jeremy says if something were to happen to Roman while Sasha was in town, well, that would be his own fault.

Sasha sees only one course of action open to him: (try to) kill Roman. This doesn't bode well with Katia and Alexei, who show up at Stonehaven begging for help.

Jeremy has Nick call in their old frenemy Karl Marsten, who spent some time in Russia and knows the hierarchy of Roman's Pack. Karl was acquainted with Konstantin, Roman's second-in-command, who would deliver briefcases filled with money to the various district leaders Roman appointed to help cover the huge Russian territory. But these briefcases are not as full as they used to be.

So, Roman lacks the proper funding to remain in power … is this a weakness that might come in handy at some point?

Meanwhile, Roman has called in reinforcements in tracking down Sasha, including Konstantin, who claims the district leaders are complaining about those getting-lighter suitcases. Nick meets with Konstantin in a spa and asks why the Russians are still in North America even though, as we saw in Episode 2, Jeremy has agreed to deliver Sasha and his family to Roman once they find him. Konstantin says Jeremy and his Pack haven't been doing anything to find Sasha and the Russians won't be leaving until he's delivered.

Elena confronts Sasha at his hideout and tells him not to go after Roman, though he counters by saying that if Roman ever found out that Elena is his daughter, he would kill her, too. He must end this Blood Feud once and for all.

Outside, Sasha and Elena sense the presence of Russian wolves, who have been keeping tabs on Sasha's hideout. One goes after Elena but Sasha wounds it with some impressive pen-throwing action; it gets in one good bite on Sasha's arm before Sasha finishes it off.

Just then, Konstantin appears and puts a knife to Elena's throat, but Elena quickly overpowers him (because she's, you know, Elena) before he can deliver his demands. Sasha says they now have a valuable prisoner as Konstantin is not only Roman's second-in-command but also his son. Family all over the place around here!

Jeremy meets with Roman in an isolated field, where he reveals that he has Sasha's children, Katia and Alexei, in his custody. Elena and Nick pull up and reveal that they have Sasha. Roman is delighted to have the entire Antonov clan handed to him on a silver platter … until Jeremy reveals that he also has Konstantin. Jeremy refuses to hand over Sasha and his family to Roman after Konstantin put a knife to Elena's throat.

Roman is furious, but Jeremy is unfazed. "You and I will settle this and then you will go home," Jeremy says to the Russian Alpha. "I am taking control of events."