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Episode Recap: Rule of Anger

Elena and Clay face off against a deadly new threat while a secret about Rachel changes the playing field.


There's a new big bad wolf in town, a fella (or should we say comrade) known only as The Albino, Roman's number-one assassin. He's the infamous 'Wolf with One Red Eye' that's been mentioned a few times this season, the beast that murdered the mother of Katia and Alexei. He's so badass that he downs an entire pot of steaming hot coffee in one damn gulp.

The Albino has a bruised n' beaten Karl Marsten in a cage, but really he's just bait for the real prize: Elena, who's on The Albino's 'To Kill' list along with Sasha, Katia and Alexei. Elena and Clay invade The Albino's hideout, where Clay gets shocked into unconsciousness via an electrifying booby trap. Zachary Cain shows up and gets Marsten the hell out of there as Clay comes to and engages in mortal kombat with The Albino, a brutal battle that takes an even more epic turn when Elena joins in.

This guy's one tough cookie, though Elena and Clay manage to best him enough that he flees from the scene. But have they seen the last of The Albino? Nyet!

Meanwhile, some new developments with Rachel, who's still living in exile under the Pack's makeshift Witness Protection Program. Remember in Season 2 when Rachel was kidnapped by Aleister's goons and they poked and prodded and injected her with Savannah's blood? Well, Rachel was pregnant during those good times, and it seems that her infant son, Rocco, has inherited some witchy powers, as electricity goes on the fritz and objects start flying all over the room whenever he has a crying fit.

Nick calls in Paige, everyone's favorite cute n' sassy witch, and she commences with a ritual that will hopefully reveal what's going on with the kid. It seems that it's not Rocco who's got the power but his mama, Rachel … and after initially being frightened by such a prospect, she's all for embracing her newfound witchy ways and taking control of her life.

Katia's all for taking control of her life, too. She's tired of running from Roman and conjures a plan to get close enough to put a bullet between his eyes … a plan that involves kidnapping baby Rocco!

And Jeremy? He's on the long, lonely road to Roman, a journey of vengeance from which he might not return. We love you, Jeremy!