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Episode Recap: Shock the System

Elena faces the most intense battle of her life in the final showdown with Roman.


Elena is once again despairing of her bloody, fiery vision, convinced that she'll be the one to bring about the total destruction of Stonehaven. Paige introduces a different interpretation: Maybe these are the flames of change? Change doesn't have to be cruel … but if that's true, whose blood is Elena covered in?

Elena, Clay and Nick meet with Karl Marsten, Zachary Cain and Anson Haight, who all recognize Elena as their new Alpha after she says they will now throw away their violent 'rule book' and renounce their gang mentality of suffering and pain. There is no more Pack … now they're a Family, and this Family needs to get Jeremy back!

Outside Stonehaven, Sasha broods over the loss of his daughter, Katia, and the rebellious nature of his son, Alexei, who blames his father for failing to protect both his mother and sister. Elena joins him, though their father-daughter bonding is interrupted by an attack by The Albino's twin brother (whom we've been referring to as 'The Smoker'). Elena and Sasha give chase, though conflicting scents force them to separate and they become the prisoners of the Red-Eyed Wolves.

Meanwhile, Roman has Jeremy in chains and plans on killing him, though his bloodlust is kept at bay by the treacherous Konstantin, who convinces his father to use Jeremy to regain the power and prestige of the ever-fading (and ever-broke) Russian Pack. Roman tells Jeremy to admit that he was in cahoots with Sasha to lure Roman to North America so that they could kill him and place Sasha as the new Russian Alpha. Surely, the Alpha Council would never tolerate such conspiracy!

Jeremy laughs at this absurdity … until Roman shows him a video feed of Elena and Sasha bound and chained in the sewing room of a textile factory, prisoners of The Albino. Sasha will be killed no matter what, but if Jeremy records his 'confession,' Elena will be spared.  

Jeremy records his confession via a Skype call to Nick, though he provides some key words as to the whereabouts of Elena. Nick writes down the words "Stitched" and "Threads," and rushes to a map …

Jeremy's confession still isn't enough for the crazed Roman. He once again rages over how he had to kill his own daughter … an unspeakable pain that he demands both Sasha and Jeremy must now experience over their daughter, Elena (well, not technically Jeremy's daughter, but you know what we mean).

A terrified Jeremy watches the live feed as The Albino attaches an IV into Elena's arm. He gives the tube to Sasha, who can control the flow of deadly Phenol into Elena's bloodstream with a pair of tweezers. The Phenol would kill Elena in less than a minute.

The Albino then makes a small incision in Elena's stomach and inserts a monopolar laparoscopic sensor tube. He brings over a cautery machine, to which is attached a thin copper wire that he feeds into the tube. The wire is where the nerves are connected to Elena's uterus, and The Albino can now make her feel pain over one thousand times more intense than childbirth.

So, Sasha has a choice: Elena can die fast and painless, or die slow in unimaginable agony. The choice is his.

Elena tells Sasha not to let go of the tweezers no matter what as The Albino commences with his unspeakable torture. Elena screams as she's never screamed before … as does Jeremy, who's helpless to do anything but beg Roman to call it all off. It looks like Roman might indeed get his twisted vengeance after all, until …

Karl Marsten and Zachary Cain storm the room, holding Roman as Konstantin, revealing his treachery, releases Jeremy from his chains. The exhausted and enraged Jeremy attacks Roman, tearing out his throat and killing him. The Russian Alpha is dead!

Meanwhile, The Albino is rather impressed with Elena, who even manages to give her captor a swift kick amidst all this madness. Playtime's officially over as Alexei storms the room, followed by Clay in his wolf form. Clay-wolf kills The Albino (hooray!) as Sasha frees Elena from her bonds. Whew!

Anson Haight gives Elena some morphine for her pain, warning that she can't change into wolf form for a while lest she tear her uterine wall, and Clay informs her that Roman is dead. Let's blow this Russian house of horrors and go home!

Jeremy and Konstantin arrive at Stonehaven, where they shake hands. "Our Packs are bonded now," says Jeremy, to which Konstantin replies, "Everything is as it should be." They enter the living room … where Jeremy finds Nick in chains, surrounded by Russian thugs. "This is the man who killed your Alpha," Konstantin tells them. "Now we can exact our revenge."

Never, ever trust a Russian werewolf!

The episode ends with The Smoker finding the mauled, bloodied body of The Albino. "No more lists, brother," he says, referring to the notebooks containing the names of The Albino's targets. "They will all suffer … every last one of them."