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Episode Recap: Tili Tili Bom

While Elena and Clay have the tables turned on them, not everyone survives the latest assault by Roman.


Wanna know why The Albino is so dangerous? 'cause there's two of him! That's right, it's double your trouble, double your fun as The Albino and his seemingly none too bright, cigarette-smoking identical brother (we'll call him 'The Smoker' for now, just to avoid confusion) have broken into Elena and Clay's soon-to-be dream house, cleaning and sweeping and preparing a lovely dinner table. What are they up to …?

Meanwhile, Elena and Clay have met up with Jeremy, who has refused their offer to join him as he prepares to take out Roman; it's just something he has to do on his own. Jeremy also hangs up his hat as Pack leader, delegating Elena as the new Alpha. He tells her that everything in her life has led her to this: she was born to be a leader.

Back in the woods, both Nick and Katia have emerged from their car crash with only a few bruises and scratches, though they're quickly taken prisoner by Roman's thugs. They're taken to a farmhouse, where they're bound to a metal dairy container and told The Albino will be doing the honors of killing them. Katia is terrified by the coming of the 'Red-Eyed Wolf' that killed her mother.

The Albino's busy with other matters, though, as he's confronted by Elena and Clay at Reg's Tavern. They're set to put him out of his misery once and for all, but a cell phone photo of the captured Nick and Katia stay their hand. The Albino tells Elena and Clay that he can show them where their friends are being held, to which they reluctantly agree.

The Albino leads them not to the farmhouse but to their soon-to-be dream house, where a burglar alarm he set earlier silently goes off upon their entering. The Albino bids them sit at the lavishly prepared dinner table, where he tries to convince Clay that domestic bliss is contradictory to the beast inside him … and that Elena would only be a restriction to his true nature. Growing ever more impatient, Elena slaps The Albino and Clay smashes his hand with a steel mallet … but the mind games continue.

Elena takes a closer look at the photo of Nick and Katia and notices the farm sign behind them. Realizing they've been hornswoggled, they prepare to leave, though their departure is delayed by the arrival of a state trooper, responding to the silent alarm. Elena and Clay manage to convince him that they're the new owners doing some initial fixer-upper work on the house … until The Albino suddenly head-butts the poor officer. Shocked and emasculated, the trooper handcuffs The Albino and takes him away, much to the chagrin of the helpless Elena and Clay.

Back at the farmhouse, Nick and Katia manage to break free of their bonds. Katia escapes through a window whilst Nick kills Roman's two thugs and takes one of their cell phones. Following Katia to the nearest road, Nick calls Elena and gives them their location … and proves to be too far away to come to Katia's aid when The Smoker suddenly emerges from the car she hailed down and stabs her in the ribs. The Smoker drives off as Katia dies in Nick's arms.

Back at Stonehaven, Nick, Elena and Clay mourn the death of Katia and despair over having to break the news to her father, Sasha, and brother, Alexei. For now, they can only hope that Jeremy succeeds in killing Roman, and from there Konstantin will call off The Albino.

As for Jeremy, he's managed to infiltrate Roman's stronghold via hiding underneath an arriving catering van (courtesy a tip from Konstantin). He enters the house and makes short work of a few thugs before he surrenders to two others. The final showdown is afoot!