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Episode Recap: Truth, Changes, Everything

As Elena fights to save her Pack, one event propels the world of Bitten in a whole new direction.


Upon Konstantin's takeover of Stonehaven, his goons are tracking down the members of Jeremy's Pack, forcing them to pledge allegiance to the Russian Alpha … or else. Both Karl Marsten and Anson Haight refuse, which costs them their lives, though Zachary Cain manages to evade his pursuers. He's a survivor, that one.

Meanwhile, Jeremy and Nick are being held in their own cage, where Konstantin tells them his master plan: all Packs will be dissolved, and there will be only one Alpha to rule them all — namely, him. Also, as the defeated Alpha, Jeremy's gonna have to follow Russian Pack protocol and be hunted by his conquerers … and if he refuses, Nick will be killed.

Except that Jeremy's not the Alpha any more, is he? Elena's in charge now, and when Konstantin finds out, he sends Nick to give her a message: get your ass back to Stonehaven or Jeremy's toast. Nick finds Elena, Clay, Sasha and Alexei at the late Eduardo's old hideout, where Elena tells him to look after Rachel.

Except it would appear that Rachel can look after herself, as Paige has trained her well in the ways of witchcraft. Nick kinda sorta admits that he's in love with her, and she kinda sorta admits that she feels the same way. Maybe they'll be able to figure all that out when this is all over …

… but for now, they've got invading Russian goons to kill.

Following a heart-to-heart with Elena, Sasha takes the truck and leaves, which is interpreted as an act of cowardice by Alexei. Elena somewhat mysteriously assures her half-brother that their father is a good man and has his reasons for leaving; as for the two of them and Clay, they're going to wait in the woods to rescue Jeremy, who's due to be hunted by the Russian Pack at noon.

Except the late The Albino's twin brother — the one we've been referring to as 'The Smoker' — has other plans for the former Alpha. Jeremy's escape attempt was foiled by the revenge-minded killer, and now he's been tied by the neck to a tree. Luckily, Jeremy's still got the hidden blade with which he used to pick the lock of the cage, and when Clay and Alexei show up, it provides enough of a distraction for him to finish cutting through his bonds and attack The Smoker.

The Smoker gouges out one of Jeremy's eyes (yikes!) and gets Clay in a chokehold. It looks like all is lost until Alexei shows off the knife-throwing skills he learned from his father, landing one right in the center of The Smoker's forehead. At last, Alexei has his revenge for the murders of his mother and sister!

Back at Stonehaven, Konstantin tries to get Elena to join him — after all, they're family. Elena, of course, refuses … and promises her uncle that change is coming …

And here we see Elena's master plan, as executed by her father, Sasha. He arrives with Paige at City Hall, where the Mayor is preparing for a press conference regarding the late Officer Anthony Rafalski (the poor guy who took The Albino away in a squad car) and the missing former Sheriff Karen Morgan. The Mayor's speech about the importance of safety in their town is interrupted by Sasha, who tells the crowd that "It's time for you to know our truth" … and proceeds to transform into a wolf in front of everyone!

The fascinated and moved Mayor approaches Sasha-wolf, though a freaked-out cop fires his weapon and mortally wounds the creature. The Mayor apologizes to the dying Sasha and Paige tells him that Elena and Alexei will be proud to call him father.

Back at Stonehaven, Konstantin orders his men to kill Elena, though they're interrupted by a sudden text on his cell phone. Konstantin watches the video of Sasha-wolf at City Hall, shocked by what Elena has done. Elena tells him that they are now under Human Law, and if she doesn't walk out of there alive, a list of Russian Pack names will be released to the authorities in Moscow.

"Go home, uncle," Elena tells him ... and he does, taking his goon squad with him.

There's only one thing left to do: Burn it all to the ground. Jeremy joins Elena as she's preparing to light the match, telling her that it's her house to burn. From the safety of the greenhouse, they watch as Stonehaven goes up in flames, along with all the names and records of werewolf-dom from throughout the ages.

And now, they live their lives, no longer hiding. We see Nick, settling into what looks like a life with Rachel and baby Rocco. We see Zachary Cain get into a truck with Alexei, bound for parts unknown. We see Elena and Clay moving into their dream house, ready for the future.

And we see Jeremy, sporting an eye patch, watching as the authorities look for Karen Morgan's body in the woods, thanks to the anonymous tip he provided. As he drives off, we hear voices on the radio describing how more and more werewolves are revealing themselves around the world … and how more and more of them are being accepted into society.