Everything You Didn't Know About Transformers: The Movie

Thursday, August 11, 2016 - 1:00pm

No, not the Michael Bay one. The real one.

Believe it or not, the animated classic The Transformers: The Movie is celebrating its 30-year anniversary this month, and the robots in disguise over at Blastr have rolled out (eh?) quite the celebration with an original video of fun facts.

Like, did you know Stan Bush's rousing anthem "The Touch" (perhaps the best song ever recorded in musical history) was originally composed for the Sylvester Stallone action flick, Cobra (1986)?

Or how about that the filmmakers had Spike exclaim "Sh**!" in order to secure a PG rating, 'cause PG movies get more daily screenings than G movies?

There's so much more than meets the eye. Watch below, and click here to subscribe to Blastr's YouTube channel.