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20 Things Syfy is Thankful For This Year

In addition to turkey dinner and family, here's a list of other things we're super grateful for this year.

By Syfy Staff

Aside from delicious turkey dinner and gathering 'round the table with the fam, here's a list of other things we're super grateful for this year.



"Love is love is love is love…" You said it Lin Manuel Miranda and we couldn't agree more. How cute are Waverly and officer Haught? Pretty darn cute. From their adorable "will they or won't they" vibe that teased out over the first half of Wynonna Earp, Season 1, to their undeniable chemistry when they **finally** got together, #Wayhaught was one of our favorite TV couples of 2016; and the Internet agrees.

Eliot's One Liners  
"Wait, where's the hedge bitch?" - Eliot


Oh Eliot, you say the darndest things and we love it. El, thanks for rocking a vest like no one else can and for making the questionable habit of smoking cigarettes look cool and also, thanks for being the most effortlessly shady Magician of them all. We can't wait to hear what you'll say when Season 2 of The Magicians returns on Wednesday, January 25th.

The Launch of The Justice League


There have been a few stalled beginnings to the launch of the fully fleshed out DC cinematic universe. Green Lantern in 2011 didn't do much to get things started, and 2013's Man of Steel did a hit-or-miss job (depending on the opinion) of laying the groundwork for future movies. But with Batman v Superman and the Suicide Squad, the foundation has finally been set in a way that the rest of the Justice League can finally get their propers. It's the golden age of the comic book movie and DC just entered the battle.

Dr. Strange


It's the Marvel movie that no one was sure they actually wanted, but guess what?! It's a strange and wonderful film that fits in perfectly with the rest of the Marvel Universe. It's nice to see Marvel give love to some of the less well know heroes like Dr. Strange and Ant-Man, we're just crossing our fingers for a Hellcow spinoff.

Everything about Channel Zero


We love us some slow-burn horror, and 2016's best offering was right here on Syfy with the tale of a child psychiatrist who returns to his hometown to face all sorts of skeletons in the closet … including a rather unsettling creature known as the Tooth Child. A classy creepfest that casts quite the spell and features scenes from perhaps the freakiest children's show ever (and that's saying something if you've seen Teletubbies).

Miller on The Expanse


Our favorite Belter gumshoe traded the bottle for some hard-drinking redemption, dedicating his days and nights to tracking down the missing Julie Mao. He found poor Julie, all right, and what did he get other than one of the most gruesome corpses this side of the galaxy? Radiation poisoning … and a seat on board the sweet Rocinante. On to Season 2!

Wonder Woman


This year we got to see Wonder Woman in all her Amazonian glory in the Batman v. Superman flick (thank you!). And then DC blessed us again with THIS trailer and THIS trailer (double thank you!). And with that, we confidently look ahead (and totally freak out because we can hardly wait) to June 2017. Salute!

Michonne's Katana


Who needs a cape to save the day when you know how to wield a katana? Watching The Walking Dead's Michonne slay zombies was one of our greatest pastimes during the Fall of 2016. And when we think about who we'd want to be friends with (we mean hide behind) if the world ever went to shit, it'd be Michonne and her katana. Thanks Michonne, for restoring confidence in us that with you around, we might yet survive a zombie takeover.

Anne Heche's sunglasses

Missing media item.

Anne Heche, you're a bad ass and you know and you're not afraid to show it. In Aftermath, Anne Heche's character Karen has fought off Skin Walkers, feverheads, escaped convicts and volcano eruptions- all while rocking sunglasses. Desperate times call for damn cool sunglasses.

Cole and Ramse's Bromance


These two time travelers go together like peas and carrots and we couldn't imagine it any other way. Theres is a love that has proven it can withstand the tests of time (literally) and if we had a friend who was even half as loyal as these two bros are to each other, then life would be pretty sweet.

Chicks Who Kick Ass


It's a good time be a lady in the sci-fi genre, and nowhere is that more prevalent than our own shows!  Dutch from Killjoys, Two and The Android on Dark Matter, Wynonna Earp on, well, Wynonna Earp, Naomi on The Expanse, Alice, Kady, Julia, and Margo on The Magicians, even Cassie from 12 Monkeys got in on the fun this year. 2016 was a good year for the double X chromosome.

Black Mirror


If you haven't seen Seasons 1 and 2 of one of the best science fiction shows in years, take a weekend, binge away, and then come back. Ok. Is your brain now sufficiently fried from all of the near future sci fi goodness? Black Mirror holds a ahem* mirror up to current technologies and the social zeitgeist (there's an SAT word!) of the times in a wildly entertaining and futuristic way. And now there's the brand new Season 3 to get started on. 

12 Monkeys


We love the way 12 Monkeys' Jones says "Mr. Cole." With her German accent, it rolls off the tongue and we never get sick of hearing it. So we made a supercut of all the times she's said it. See it here.

Penny's Vests


Once upon a time, in 2016, Syfy aired a show called The Magicians. In it, Penny wore a lot of vests. We treasured each and every one of them and everyone lived happily ever after. The End.



Where to begin? Our first response after seeing Deadpool back in February was, "Well, that was amazing." Thank you, Ryan Reynolds for working your butt off for 11 years to bring our favorite foul-mouthed anti-hero to life. We'll never hear Salt -N- Peppa's "Shoop" the same again or see a skin tight red body suit without thinking of you.  

Stranger Things

Thank you Stranger Things for indulging our 80s nostalgia and inviting us all back into a world of storytelling which we know, love and genuinely missed. Thank you Stranger Things for brining back the Eggo - we forgot about you Eggos! And also, thank you, Stranger Things for giving us Eleven. How freakin' cool is she?! But please someone explain the mystery of Holly to us. 

American Horror Story


No one can throw party — one with a lot of blood, sex and crazy camera angles — like Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. True, the sixth and most recent season, Roanoke, was relatively subdued compared to previous incarnations, but even AHS at half-mast is still ten times more bonkers than anything else out there. Do we really have to wait a whole year until Season 7?

Blair Witch


It was awesome. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong. So there.

Happy Thanksgiving!