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A Tribute to Syfy Dads

It's Father's Day, after all.

By Bryan Enk

Dads are great. And since Father's Day fast approaches, we thought we'd give some love to our favorite Syfy dads, who provide wisdom, protection, compassion and dysfunction as only a Syfy dad can.

Fire up the grill and embrace paternity with us below.  

  1. Sasha Antonov, Bitten


    Sasha had one bad-ass moment in the very first episode and from there it seemed like he spent the rest of Bitten Season 3 getting kidnapped and/or beat up, constantly worried and melancholy as he and his offspring hid from the biggest baddest werewolf of all, Roman Navikev. Granted, you can afford to be kind of an overly sensitive weakling when Elena Michaels is your eldest daughter, 'cause she'll take care of all the tough love herself.
  2. Flynn Carroll, Hunters


    Flynn's trying. He's really, really trying to be a good dad to Emme, the troubled (and then some) daughter of his slain FBI partner. Granted, he could certainly lay off the booze and the pills and stop crashing motorcycles as he obsesses about his alien wife, but still … he's trying.
  3. Croatoan, Haven


    Talk about dysfunction! The fifth and final season of Haven focused on Audrey's relationship with her crazy-ass father from the Void, Croatoan, who wanted to unleash Troubles unto the town of Haven … just for the hell of it. Oh and he was played by William Shatner. We love him, even if Audrey herself has a little trouble with The L Word when it comes to her sociopathic pops.
  4. Jeremy Danvers, Bitten


    True, Jeremy isn't literally anyone's father on Bitten, but he damn well should be. A beloved father figure in ways his psycho papa Malcolm never was, Jeremy looks over his Pack with pride, compassion and love (well, most of the time, anyway). He lost an eye at the end of Season 3, so now he wears an eye patch … which makes him even cooler.
  5. Doc, Z Nation


    Doc has mentioned his as-yet-unseen son a few times on Z Nation, but his current fatherly position is that of surrogate dad to 10K, the sweetest sharpshooter that ever lived and a young man haunted by the death of his own father. These two seem to be doing just fine as they fill the void left by the loved ones from their past lives.
  6. Khlyen, Killjoys


    Khlyen is the closest thing Dutch ever had to a father. That's not necessarily a good thing, but hey, life is crazy. Khlyen raised Dutch and trained her to be an assassin; it wasn't the happiest childhood but definitely a memorable one.  
  7. Jules-Pierre Mao, The Expanse


    Julie Mao's pops is definitely a candidate for Worst Dad of All Time. Sure, he alienated his daughter as she rebelled against her silver-spoon upbringing and joined the "thugs" that make up the Outer Planet Alliance, but that's nothing compared to the fact that he's more or less responsible for the creation of the Protomolecule, which is just the worst thing in the world. That very same Protomolecule also killed his daughter in the most gruesome way possible. No card for you, Mao!
  8. Joshua Nolan, Defiance


    He's rugged, headstrong, cocky, occasionally irresponsible and usually a pain in the ass, but he's also just about the coolest adoptive dad a young alien gal could hope for. We love the Butch-and-Sundance relationship between Nolan and Irisa, though it's somehow fitting that Defiance ended with the two of them separated — Irisa now the Lawkeeper of Defiance, Nolan out there exploring the galaxy on board a ship full of sleeping Omec. Star-crossed dad and daughter, you betcha.
  9. Ted Regan, Hunters


    This poor fella. He was a secret prisoner of the ETU for the past six years, and God knows all that they did to him under Finnerman's watch. He was allowed a brief emotional reunion with his daughter Regan before he took his own life, vowing not to let the ETU turn them against each other. Oh, Dad! If only all Hunters were as nice as you.
  10. Six, Dark Matter


    Six isn't really anyone's literal father on Dark Matter (that we know of yet, anyway), but he seems to be enjoying being a surrogate father figure to little Five. They're pals and confidantes and seem to be learning a lot from each other … though Five's certainly going to be heartbroken when she finds out that Six is the one who sold out the Raza crew to the Galactic Authority. Oh, Sorta-Dad! So disappointing.
  11. T'evgin, Defiance  


    Poor T'evgin. His daughter Kindzi killed him. Then she ate his heart. For real! Never a dull moment with these two crazy Omec.