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Binge All Three Seasons of Channel Zero

If you dare, brave through every single episode of Channel Zero: Candle Cove, No End House and Butcher's Block.


Hair-raising. Spine-tingling. Chilling. For three seasons Channel Zero has been the horror genre's gift that keeps on giving. Rotten Tomatoes certified it 94% fresh. AV Club says it set a new bar for terrifying TV. And we call it our original series that has something for everyone.

If you like... horror stories that focus on creepy kids and even creepier kids tv shows...

Watch Season 1 - Channel Zero: Candle Cove

If you like ... haunted houses trapped inside the haunted houses of your mind...

Watch Season 2 - Channel Zero: No End House

If you like... testing your gag reflex and appreciate the art of cannibalism...

Watch Season 3 - Channel Zero: Butcher's Block

And if like showing off how brave you are, binge all-three seasons back-to-back, with the lights off and your eyes wide open. We dare you...