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Brave New World Being Developed For Syfy

We're teaming up with Spielberg to bring you a new take on a science fiction classic.

Dystopian science fiction has been shredding the box office like an investment banker on a tax audit as of late. The Hunger Games, Maze Runner, Divergent, The Giver, Oblivion, and even the criminally under-promoted Snowpiercer throw audiences into a world of unfulfilled and exploited utopian dreams. But Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, one of the, if not THE, landmark dystopian tale has never seen any traction. Until now. 

You may recall the critically lauded and emmy award-winning 2003 Syfy mini-series Taken. If you don’t - imagine a Cloud Atlas that actually makes sense. Taken was made with Amblin Entertainment, Les Bohem, Darryl Frank, and a relatively unknown small-time director named Steven Spielberg. That dream team is once again uniting to develop Brave New World as a series. Not mini-series. Series. 

Brave New World is pure, unbridled, old school sci-fi (it’s ranked fifth among the 100 best English language novels of the 20th Century by Modern Library). This is a novel that stands toe-to-toe with Orwells’s 1984. In terms of exploring the technological advancement of the future, comparing BNW to 1984 is like putting a carnivorous nanobot in the ring with a rockem sockem robot. No contest. Here’s the rundown:

Brave New World is set in a world without poverty, war or disease. In this world, humans are given mind-altering drugs, free sex and rampant consumerism are the order of the day (fun!), and people no longer reproduce but are genetically engineered in hatcheries (not as fun!). Those who won’t conform are forced onto reservations ­until one of these savages challenges the system, threatening the entire social order.

If book adaptations are your thing, Brave New World is the latest in a line of books-being-made-into-TV-stuff that Syfy has in the pipeline. Airing later this year are Childhood's End (based on the Arthur C. Clarke classic); The Expanse (based on the best selling series) and further down the line we have Hunters (based on the Alien Hunter series by Whitley Strieber) and The Magicians (based on the Lev Grossman YA novels). 

We’ll keep you updated as soon as we’ve got more Brave New World info — or any cool info on future projects, as long as we’re not busy watching Age of Ultron for the fifth time.