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Definitely Not Fake Commercials From Blood Drive


There's so much more to Blood Drive than the cross-country death race with cars that run on human blood and bombs attached to the contestants' brains so that if they lose a leg their heads explode. That's but one cog in the grindhouse-infected wheel of the dystopic future of 1999.

You can't truly know the world of Blood Drive until you slice open and crawl inside the brain of the average consumer. That's why we're bringing you these absolutely real, 100% genuine certified, not fake commercials. After you watch them, we feel confident that you'll spring for some Kox Meat, you'll donate to our preferred Blood Bank vendor of record, you'll clean your cumbersome effluvia stains with E-viscerator, you'll pick up your next Blood Drive engine vehicle at Big Al's, and you'll swipe the Suck Bus. Remember, we're not marketing at you, we're marketing for you.

...and while you're at it, what all-new episodes of Blood Drive right here

Definitely Not Fake Commercial - Kox Meat

Definitely Not Fake Commercial - Vlad's Blood Bank

Definitely Not Fake Commercial - E-Viscerator

Definitely Not Fake Commercial - Big Al's

Definitely Not Fake Commercial - Suck Bus