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Everything You Need to Know About The Movie Show

Join Wade, Deb, and Gary in a knee-slapping parody of a movie review show. See the two-night Series Premiere, November 27 and November 29 at 11/10c. 

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There have been movies and there have been shows. There have even been shows about movies and movies about shows before. But never before seen is a puppet-led commentary show about new and classic blockbuster favorites, featuring star-studded special guests and deleted scenes. Join Wade, Deb, and Gary in a knee-slapping parody of a movie review show. 

Roll the red carpet, grab the popcorn, and dim the lights because here is everything you need to know about The Movie Show

Welcome to Modesto's top public access TV studio

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Taped deep in the heart of Modesto, California, Modesto Public Access presents The Movie Show. The show's set is bedazzled with movie paraphernalia from movie posters to action figures. The anchor desk seats the movie-obsessed hosts, leaving room for star-studded interviews and appearances on the studio's couches. 

However, The Movie Show is not limited to the confines of Modesto's top public access TV studio. From Cannes to Sundance, tag a long with the hosts as they explore the world's most iconic cinematic destinations. 

Your favorite blockbuster movies are back


The Movie Show will feature timeless classics and new blockbuster hits across genres. Each episode will feature a handful of movies, from Fight Club, to Harry Potter, and The Shining to The Spongebob Movie. There is surely something for everyone. 

Cue the sound and enjoy the movies like you've never seen them before 
You think you already know these classic movies. But this time, viewers will be brought back-stage and clued into alternate film endings and VIP-only insider information. Re-live the action and drama alongside hilarious commentary brought to you by the equally complimentary and diametrical co-hosts Wade and Deb.

Meet the Stars, Wade and Deb: 

Meet Wade, a self-proclaimed movie bluff. He is your classic movie afficionado, who gladly welcomes all types of action: explosions, fight sequences, and car chases. It's unclear whether he loves movies or himself more. Either way, he often neglects his co-host, Deb.


Meet Deb, an encyclopedic film critic with strong opinions. She holds her own and won't let Wade claim her spotlight. She and Wade may be polar opposites, but they do share a love for movies.


Wade and Deb aren't just hosts of The Movie Show, they also happen to be puppets. Yes you read that right, the hosts are puppets.

Meet Gary, the director of the show. He isn't a puppet, but rather, according to Wade, a "rich kid who's parents got him the job."


Star-studded special guest appearances

Don't expect to just listen to Wade and Deb all day. Prepare for hilarity to ensue with the addition of special guests. We will meet the shark from Jaws, the T-Rex from Jurassic Park and even Stephen King's laptop. The addition of deleted scenes will make you feel like a backstage VIP. Get ready for jam-packed action, amusing banter, and stunt sequences. 

Lights, camera, action for some raunchy humor, thinking-out-loud commentary, and movie-obsessed movie hosts.

Tune in to The Movie Show, coming to a home-screen near you, Thanksgiving weekend with two new episodes, Friday, November 27 at 11:35pm AND Sunday, November 29 at 11:35pm.

And in the meantime? Check out this official trailer!

Official Trailer 1 | Thursdays in December