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Franchises: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Someone's got to take it to the next level.

By Bryan Enk

The twenty-years-later sequel that no one knew they wanted, Independence Day: Resurgence is top of mind, so is Game of Thrones, Batman v Superman and fan film Axanar.

For this week's Who Won the Week podcast, the editors at our sister site, Blastr, were joined by special guest Lindsay Ellis to talk about the return of Roland Emmerich's franchise-no one-knew-was-a-franchise, Independence Day, and whether the alien invasion-y goodness is just as sweet the second time around. Then, it's on to Justice League, and whether this past weekend's surprise set visits have yielded any hope for those who thought Batman v Superman wasn't quite what we'd wanted. And then, finally, it's Paramount's case against Axanar and what it means for the future of fan film.

Listen below, and click here to subscribe to Blastr's podcast on iTunes.

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