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Futurama is Coming to SYFY on November 11 !

The future begins Saturday 11/11.


This is not a drill. The beloved animated sci-fi series, Futurama, will soon call SYFY home. And on that note... what are you doing, Saturday November 11 - Monday November 13? You'll be watching Futurama on SYFY during a special three-day binge starting at 6am Saturday, right?! Right! 

And the fun doesn't end there-- because after November 11, you can catch Futurama on Mondays and Tuesdays from 8PM-2AM ET/PT and on Saturday mornings from 8-11AM ET/PT.

Set in 31st Century New New York, Futurama follows the adventures of Hapless NYC pizza guy Philip J. Fry who makes a fateful delivery to a cryonics lab on New Year's Eve, 1999 when he's accidentally flash-frozen until the next millennium. Together with his hedonist robot buddy bender and cyclopsian love interest Leela, Fry travels to the farthest reaches of the universe.

And now, a word from SYFY's esteemed President on this awesome news:  

"We're continuing to invest heavily to give our passionate fans the very best in genre programming, and I can think of no better addition to SYFY's lineup than one of my personal favorites, Futurama," said Chris McCumber.

All together now…YAY!!!!!

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