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Haunting: Australia: Who's Who

Meet the Haunting: Australia team, dedicated to unlocking the paranormal mysteries of this lovely continent.

By Bryan Enk

Haunting: Australia chronicles the supernatural adventures of six individuals who dare to poke and prod Down Under's most notoriously haunted locations. Armed with top-notch ghost hunting technology and, in some cases, a sixth sense (or seventh or eighth), the Spooky Six seek to record, analyze and experience often terrifying paranormal activity.

So who are these crazy-courageous individuals? Meet the Haunting: Australia team, dedicated to unlocking the paranormal mysteries of this lovely continent.

  1. Robb Demarest

    You may recognize this guy from his days as host of Syfy's own Ghost Hunters International. Hailing from the U.S., Robb has dedicated over 20 years to investigating paranormal activity. He first visited Australis five years ago and was promptly shocked and amazed by all the paranormal events that he experienced and witnessed. Time to bring in back-up …
  2. Ian Lawman

    The U.K.'s resident "psychic bad boy," Ian Lawman is a medium and ordained exorcist. He's also a former ballet dancer - all the better to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight! Also, he loves tattoos. 
  3. Ray Jorden

    An old-school supernatural sleuth, Ray Jorden is also a popular radio personality, having hosted his own show, Haunted 911, for over two years.
  4. Guarav Tiwari

    A renowned metaphysicist and ghost hunter, Guarav Tiwari is the CEO and founder of the Indian Paranormal Society and the lead investigator for G.R.I.P (Ghost Research and Investigators of Paranormal). Also he used to be a pilot and then became a ghost hunter because that's a career shift that people make.
  5. Allen Tiller

    One of Australia's own, Allen Tiller runs two of the continent's most prominent paranormal teams: Eidolon Paranormal and SA Paranormal (talk about a multitasker), which he operates out of Kapunda. 
  6. Rayleen Kable

    A powerful medium and clairvoyant, Rayleen Kable is a well-known Australian celebrity psychic who's appeared on a number of television shows and made appearances at several psychic and well-being expos. Also, as you will see when watching Haunting: Australia, poor Rayleen is extremely put upon and is constantly getting attacked and felt up by ghosts (no joke). Seriously, this poor woman!

So what kind of supernatural trouble are this six going to get into (other than poor-constantly-mauled-by-ghosts-Rayleen)? Well, at some point, one of the six gets possessed by a demon so there's that. Watch Haunting: Australia on Tuesdays at 10/9c and join the investigations (and look out for that demon)