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Holy Justice League Set Visit, Batman!

Our editors over at Blastr spent some time with Zack Snyder and his merry (well, merrier) band of superheroes.

By Bryan Enk

There are definitely worse ways to spend the day than on the set of Justice League.

Our friends over at Blastr got to visit the set of the upcoming superhero blockbuster that finds Batman (Ben Affleck) with a brand-new mission: assemble the ultimate team of crimefighters and, together, slam evil.

But is this going to be a dour endeavor, as many felt was the case with the Caped Crusader's previous escapades in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? Producer Deborah Snyder says no way.

"This is a totally different movie than Batman v Superman," said Snyder. "We're going to see all the heroes in a way that people know them from the comic books."

"It's about the purpose of being a hero, and Superman's death had such a strong effect on Batman, and he regains faith in humanity, and everything that's good; here's this alien who just gave his life for us, and it really changes Batman, and he also feels responsibility to honor him, so I think you're seeing the elevation of these heroes."

Also, one of the main villains is going to be Steppenwolf. There will also be Parademons. And also … actually, just click here to read about Blastr's extensive first look at Justice League.

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Justice League will hit theaters on November 17, 2017.