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How to Throw a Sharknado Party


What comes before Sharknado Part B? Sharknado Partaayyyyy. Sharknado: The 4th Awakens is mere days away so this is not a drill. Sunday 8/7c, that's your goal! You've got less than 72 hours to put together your viewing party. Haven't started yet? We ain't mad at ya! In fact we've got you covered, so that you'll be throwing the Nadoiest (sounds like a cult name) party that ever was or ever will be. Think of this like a LinkedIn meet and greet party where you can meet potential employers and employees and just straight up network . . . just kidding! This should be a raucous affair that celebrates the ridiculous, that extols the absurd, and reveres the insane. 

1. Costume
As the host of said party, yes, it is absolutely essential that you have one of the most rocking costumes at the party, no exceptions. But remember – make it practical, because you’ll be walking around and hosting (unless you don’t care about your guests, in which case, wear 6 inch heels). Lacking divine inspiration? Check below for some ideas.

2. Decorations

You have to decorate, even if a little. It’s possible to do the basics (Sharks, chainsaw toys, blood splatter, swirls of cotton swabs for tornadoes) cheaply by visiting your local dollar or big box store; If you’re still looking for ideas consider the following decorations:
  • Shark paper plates, cups utensils
  • Shark Streamers
  • Shark Balloons
  • Shark Tableclothes
  • Just think of something normal and add a shark to it. 

3. Food & Drink

Even if you're not going be serving a five-course meal you've still got to satisfy some sweet tooths. So just having some candy automatically equals a win. A victory, however, comes with some creativity. In terms of drink, just like candy, any kind of booze at your party means you are doing okay (obviously, kid-friendly parties require some non-booze options). If you want to go the extra mile, liquor-wise, see the below for inspiration:

Missing media item.

4. Games

There are plenty of drinking games out there related to Sharknado. Booze for the adults, juice for the kiddies obviously. These can get real rough really fast. We're talking 0-100 real quick, so just prepare yourself and feel free to tap out early. Here's our favorite courtesy of

Take a shot…
Every time Ian Ziering‘s Fin takes his shirt off
For every cameo you recognize
Every time someone gets eaten by a shark
Every time something random is used to kill a shark
If/when Fin & April (Tara Reid) kiss
Any time a shark Hassles the Hoff (David Hasselhoff)
If/when a major character dies
Take a sip…
Every time someone says “Sharknado”
When someone absolutely should die, but doesn’t
Every time someone makes a shark pun
For every cameo you don’t recognize
Any time you see blatant product placement
Every time the Today Show makes an appearance
5. Music
The goal of any Sharknado Playlist should be to infuse the list with as many awful shark puns and references as possible. The music truly doesn't even have to be good, it needs to induce groans and smiles of acknowledgment. This is by no means a definitive list but it will get you started on the right track:
  • Gallows – “In The Belly Of A Shark”
  • Jimmy Buffet – “Fins”
  • Accept – “Fast As A Shark”
  • Dickie Goodman – “Mr. Jaws”
  • Bear vs. Shark – “Catamaran”
  • Bonobo – “The Shark”
  • Limp Bizkit – “Shark Attack”
  • Yo La Tengo – “Season Of The Shark”
  • Municipal Waste – “Terror Shark”
  • Grouplove – “Shark Attack”
  • Touché Amoré – “Swimming With Sharks”
  • The Lawrence Arms – “Jumping The Shark”
  • Lil Shark – “Shark Boys 4Life”
  • Cadence Weapon – “Sharks”