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How You Can Help Prevent the Eco-Apocalypse


It’s never too late to take an active role in your community recycling programs. Set an example for those around you by showing that you care about the world you live in.

The More You Know - National Parks

Because we all know what will happen if you’re not actively invested in the environment. Sure you might not get the flesh-eating disaster of the zombie apocalypse, and it’s not like our robot overlords will descend in a judgment day sort of dystopia, but something equally devastating will happen. Ecological and environmental calamities are already happening all around us. The melting of the ice caps, the disappearance of bees, extreme weather changes resulting in tornadoes and hurricanes, even the exhaustion of our supplies of resources like oil or drinkable water ... these things are more real than ever before. 

Of all the possible sci-fi scenarios in which the world and/or civilization as we know it comes crashing to an end, the environmental catastrophe seems more and more the likeliest. So in honor of Mother Earth and all that she does for us, raise a non-Styrofoam glass and then take some action.