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How You Can Help Prevent the Eco-Apocalypse Part II


You’ve heard of the Butterfly Effect, right? Changing one flap of a butterfly’s wings can have a ripple effect that changes the course of history, and if we know anything about cinema, it’s that this change is almost always for the worse. Well, we want to flip the script. One small change (one flap of a butterfly’s wings), one giant leap for environmental kind.

Here’s something you probably haven’t heard about. Most commercial coffee cups are lined with wax, making them unrecyclable. It sounds like a small thing, but then think about how much coffee you drink, and then multiply that by all the coffee drinkers and you’ve got an eco-apocalypse waiting to happen. One small change, like packing a refillable coffee cup instead, could have a huge impact, yeah we’re going to ride this butterfly effect thing all the way home.

In honor of Mother Earth and all that she does for us, watch this “Please Don’t Wreck the Environment for the Sake of Preventing the Eco-Apocalypse PSA". 

The More You Know - PSA