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Important Blairs of History

We remember how important The Blair Witch Project was to the horror genre, which is why we're airing it this Thursday 9/8c. It's also why we created this list of essential Blairs throughout history.


The 3rd installment of the iconic Blair Witch series is upon us, and we're excited to see Adam Wingard's take on the found footage franchise. Wingard is coming off of a streak of indie gems that include A Horrible Way to Die, You're Next, and The Guest, and he's just around the right age to appreciate what the original Blair Witch Project meant to the late 90s cultural revolution of reality TV and Film. Well, we remember as well, which is why we're airing the original Blair Witch Project this Thursday 9/8c. We also want to celebrate the new film and its legacy in the best way we know how. With our list of essential Blairs throughout history.

Linda Blair

Scream Queen of the 70s, 80s and 90s, Ms. Blair not only had a monopoly on characters who were demonically possessed, she also had a chokehold on the teased big hair look. LB may be known for her gravely-voiced demon-voice in The Exorcist, but check her out in 1983’s Chained Heat and 1984 Savage Streets. Female empowerment has never looked so good!


Blair Underwood

What’s a Blair list without a certified hunk to give this gallery some much-needed smolder. Blair’s career has run quite the gamut of sci-fi staples from Gattaca, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Deep Impact, he’s even voiced Superman, which is the epitome of sci-fi honors. We’re still not over the fact that Miranda chose Steve over him in Sex in the City. Of all the unrealistic things in that show (Carrie lives in that apartment as a writer?!) that is the most unrealistic.


Blair Brown

Blair Brown went on freaky head trips (or something) with William Hurt in Ken Russell's Altered States (1980) and became a bona fide '80s television star with The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd (1987-1991). She also played Massive Dynamic bigwig Nina Sharp on Fringe (2008-2012) and currently portrays cooking personality turned inmate Judy King on Orange Is the New Black. Blair Brown is awesome. 


Tony Blair

Not a whole lot of genre cred for Anthony Charles Lynton Blair who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1997 to 2007 and the Leader of the Labour Party from 1994 to 2007. He did increase police powers by adding to the number of arrestable offenses, compulsory DNA recording, and the use of dispersal orders, which makes us think that he’s probably a Dredd Fan, but then again, who isn’t?


Blair (The Thing)

Blair (Wilford Brimley, credited as 'A. Wilford Brimley,' for some unfortunate reason) was the Senior Biologist of U.S. Outpost 31, an Antarctic research center that was infiltrated by an aggressive alien being with the ability to assimilate and imitate its organic hosts. Blair became obsessed with isolating the creature from populated areas and proceeded to sabotage the outpost's vehicles and communication equipment. He was also eventually assimilated himself. Them's the breaks out in the cold.  


Blair Waldorf

Serena: Not everyone wants to be Blair Waldorf.  
Blair: Not everyone can be. 
Us: Touché 
Before Beyonce ran the world, this Queen Bee held court on Manhattan’s Upper East Side serving up enviable fashions and quippy one liners. If you missed the series, here’s a recap of Blair’s hottest, most important, moments. 


Blair Dame

Blair Dame is a character from Street Fighter EX. She has training in various martial arts and is traveling the world with her bodyguard, Cracker Jack. Blair specializes in strong kick and throw moves, and has a similar fighting style to Ken.


Blair (Less Than Zero)

Don't be fooled … it only looks like the good life. Blair (Jami Gertz) and her high school beau Clay (Andrew McCarthy) desperately tried to help their mutual best pal Julian (Robert Downey Jr.) as he careened down the road to self-destruction, wallowing in addiction and prostitution after a failed attempt at starting a record company. Alas, it all ended in heartbreak and death. Kids, don't do drugs. And stay out of L.A. And beware of James Spader. 


Blair Warner (The Facts of Life)

Blair Warner is one of the most important fictional characters that has ever lived, for a few reasons. First, her rivalry with Jo is epic on a scale perhaps only matched by the greatest feuds in history – God vs. The Devil, David vs. Goliath, Nancy vs. Tonya. Second, she has a friend named Boots St. Claire. Third, she has impeccable taste, as she would tell you.

Blair Warner.jpg

Blair Cramer (One Life to Live)

Blair Daimler Buchanan Manning Manning Holden Manning Manning McBain Clarke survived a lot – she’s pushed, and been pushed, out of a 3rd floor window, faked a pregnancy, blackmailed more people than you have atoms in your body, survived numerous explosions and kidnapping, survived a brain tumor AND a stroke and married two twin brothers. But her most epic achievement was that she was the first character, perhaps ever, to switch ethnicities with NO explanation. When she joined the show in 1992 she was played by Asian-American actress Mia Korf. Two years later, she was recast with caucasian actress (and Evil Dead 2 star) Kassie DePaiva. Observe below: