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It's Star Trek Day!

9/8/16 marks the 50th anniversary, and Syfy is celebrating with movies and goodness and whales. 

Did you know that on September 8th, 1966, Star Trek debuted on NBC? Flash forward fifty years later and it's global institution. 
To that end, on September 8th we're showing Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (you know, the one where the Enterprise goes back in time to 1986 to save some whales and also the mom from 7th Heaven is in it), Star Trek: Generations (where Kirk and Picard meet) and Star Trek: First Contact (the one where the Next Generation cast goes back in time and also Alfre Woodard is there). 
Like everyone else (okay, maybe not), we feel the true stars of Star Trek IV are the whales, George and Gracie. So we had them live tweet the movie and also translate that scene where the giant probe that looks like an inhaler talks to them. Observe below!


Here's a smattering of Star Trek fans talking about why they love the franchise, captured at a the Star Trek: Mission New York event.

Blastr, our sister site, is celebrating Star Trek all month. Go check it out. Here’s a taste of the sort of goodness over there: 
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