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Krypton Casts Seg-El

Krypton will explore the history of Superman’s home world in Krypton, and now Kal-El’s ancestor, Seg-El has been locked down.


Everyone knows the story of the Superman from Metrolpolis, but do you know the story of his ancestors from Krypton. Well, prepare for the of the Man of Steel. Krypton will explore the history of Superman’s home world in Krypton, and now Kal-El’s ancestor, Seg-El has been locked down.


Cameron Cuffe has been cast in the lead role of Seg-El. Who is this mysterious character with a name seemingly based on a pun from Superman's creator Jerry Siegel? Seg-El is destined to be the ancestor of Jor-El and Kal-El, but lives his life as the scion of the once-prosperous El family. He is blessed with an intuitive brilliance for all things technical; he is now living in Krypton’s lowest caste after his family was stripped of its rank. Foreboding!

Cuffe is a relative newcomer, but he is an accomplished stage performer. The London-born actor is a graduate of The Lir Academy (Ireland’s National Academy of Dramatic Art) in Dublin, Ireland. He has appeared in the Park Theatre production of David Hare’s dramatic play The Vertical Hour, and in the Donmar Warehouse production of City of Angels. He most recently appeared in the feature film Florence Foster Jenkins, and has a recurring role in ITV’s The Halcyon.

Let's also take a moment to appreciatie the alliterative qualities of his superhero name. Cameron. Cuffe. Super. Heroic.

Krypton comes from executive producers David S. Goyer and Damian Kindler. The pilot is in development now.