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Lessons From the Apocalypse: Chapter 4

We've got a lot of end of the world shows. They have much to teach us, grasshoppers. 


AFTERMATH gallery-103recap-08.jpg
Between Aftermath, Van Helsing, and Z Nation we've learned a few things about how to handle ourselves when the world goes to crap. Whether it be the zombie apocalypse, the vampire apocalypse, or all the apocalypses, take these lessons to heart, because they could save you in a pinch.

Aftermath Episode 4

  1. Close thine eyes. 


    It is impolite to spy on people.

  2. Knowledge is power. 


    “The devil’s boots Don’t creek.” …thanks for that tidbit of information, Elena. We needed it. 

  3. Watch your back and your side. 


    Never leave yourself open for a tackle. 

Van Helsing Episode 5

  1. Broken limbs are temporary.


    ... and snap back into place with a satisfying crunch.
  2. Blood-stained vampire Teeth = Terrifying


    . . . blood-stained human teeth = extremely unsettling
  3. Eyes on the prize


    you lose focus for one second and you're staring down the barrel of your own gun.

Z Nation Episode 5

  1.  When all else fails, use the chains that bind you. 


    ... Or a hubcap


    ... Or a windshield wiper. 


  2. Wanna be smarter?


    ... Eat a smart person’s brains.