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Lessons From the Apocalypse: Chapter 7

We've got a lot of end of the world shows. They have much to teach us, grasshoppers. 


  1. Between AftermathVan Helsing, and Z Nation we've learned a few things about how to handle ourselves when the world goes to crap. Whether it be the zombie apocalypse, the vampire apocalypse, or all the apocalypses, take these lessons to heart, because they could save you in a pinch.

    Aftermath Episode 7

    1. Have faith 


      Really, the only protection you need during the apocalypse is prayer.
    2. Take Turns 


      No shoving! Wait your turn to spin the prayer wheel.  
    3. Don’t help people 


      You pick somebody up on the side of the road and how do they repay you? With an ice pick to the throat. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Every man for themselves, gang. 

    Van Helsing Episode 8

    1. Channing Tatum with a goatee does not have your best interests in mind.


      ... He's a channing not a doctor for crying out loud.
    2. The five-second rule...


      ... still applies on trash guts.
    3. Head + Heart


      for that feel-good vampire slaying feeling.

    Z Nation Episode 8

    1.    Don’t Walk in the Street! 


      ... Silly zombies.
    2. Invest in decent wig glue! 


      ... even in the apocalypse you've still got to look good.
    3.  Don’t Drink the Water!


      ... Doc you're better than that.