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May The 4th Awakens Our Inner Sharknado!


Happy Sharknado 4 Day. That's what's on everyone's minds today right?!

Sharknado 4 may not be slashing and biting its way into our hearts until July 31, but you won't have to wait that long to get your first taste of the 'Nado. Taking inspiration from another famous Science-Fiction trilogy, The Fouth Awakens just released its titular movie poster and it is a doozy. It's a definitive Drew Struzan vibe that really brings out the epic nature of the movie. Take a look!


Cue the intense speculation . . . what can we learn about the movie from this intense action-heavy poster? Well, Finn, April and The Hoff are back, althought it would appear that April is half the woman she once was, operating with a sweet bionic arm. Hitting up the corners clockwise from the lower right we can catch glimpses of The Golden Gate Bridge, perhaps "The Dude" dressed up as Elvis in Las Vegas, a red barn/house going all Wizard of Oz in the Sharknado, and then finally (hey diddle diddle) we've got cows jumping over the moon. Interesting...

Moving on to weapons we've got the iconic 'Nado-slashing chainsaw, a machine gun, your standard dual-wielding pistols, and a suspiciously shiny scimitar-like blade. What does it mean?

Let the theories run rampant and be sure to tune in July 31 at 8/7c FOR THE MOVIE EVENT OF THE MILLENNIUM.