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Sharknado 3 Bingo


There’s a lot to process before this Wednesday’s premiere of Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! at 9/8c. More than anything, you need to do what’s right for your Sharknado journey, we’ll just give you the tools to make it as kick-ass as you want. Do you want to get every single piece of behind-the-scenes factoid possible while watching your living room light up with blood lighting effects? Sharknado Sync is for you. Do you want to catch up on Sharknado 1 and Sharknado 2, so that by the time Wednesday night rolls around your a Sharknado expert? We’ve got 1 and 2 online right now for you to watch. Do you want to immerse yourself in all things shark this week. Sharknado week has you covered. Do you want to play an epic Sharknado 3 drinking game …errrr… scratch that … respectable game of Sharknado Bingo while relishing all of the amazing Sharknado 3 cameos and celebrity deaths? Sharknado Bingo is the answer to all of your Sharknado party question marks.

 Check out these amazing cards that you can download and share. Click here to download.


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