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Sharknado Merchandise Heaven

A Merchandise-Nado is approaching! It's time to gear up!


You've had your calendar set for Sharknado week since Sharknado 3 aired last summer, and now the time is finally upon us. It's end of days, mixed with sharks mixed with a host of other Nadoed items; a perfect storm of blood, teeth, and the ridicopocalypse. But how will you show your dedication to the maelstrom of sharks that is headed our way July 31 8/7c? We've got you covered. There are a whole host of games, books, comic books, costumes, action figures, tasteful glassware, and clothing that you can pick up in preparation for Sharknado 4 and we've compiled that list below. It's all you need to brand yourself as a tornado of teeth. First off, we've got the hottest line of designer henleys this side of a cownado. Prenented to you by Finn Shepard himself, Ian Ziering.

Ian Ziering - The real message behind the brand…

Already picked up your chainsaw tee? Don't fret, there's plenty of Nado gear and game waiting for you below

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1) Hit It Rich game


Just when you thought it was safe to go outside, the sharks are back and they are biting mad. From the sea, to the land – and even the air – thousands of sharks are raining down in the exclusive Hit It Rich! Sharknado slots game now available worldwide for free download on iPhone, iPad, Google Play, Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Facebook.  Hit It Rich! Sharknado is an authentic, free-to-play social slots game that offers players a multi-media slots experience that lets them connect with friends for more immersive slots gameplay. With beautiful artwork, authentic sounds and core slots gameplay, Hit It Rich! Sharknado blends the Sharknado brand with a slots experience that brings to life the fun and excitement of playing slots on a casino floor. Your play is enhanced by bonus games, social gifting with friends, and the chance to unveil and watch real clips from Sharknado.

2) How to Survive a Sharknado book


In the apocalyptic world we live in, Mother Nature is angry. Danger waits at every turn, and catastrophes like the Los Angeles sharknados have taught us that we need to be ready for anything. Too many lives have already been lost.  But fear not. How to Survive a Sharknado and Other Unnatural Disasters is the first and only comprehensive guide to surviving the very worst that Mother Nature can throw our way, and it's now available at the NBCU Store

3) Sharknado vs. The Hoff Bobble Head

This Sharknado vs. The Hoff Bobble Head features David Hasselhoff wielding an electric chainsaw and standing on top of a dismembered shark's head. Proven to safeguard your home from any impending Sharknado, this is a must-have for any Sharknado fan

4) Sharknado Costume


Be a part of of the cultural phenomenon with the Sharknado t-shirt. It's got a bloody 3-d shark coming out of it. Great for both Halloween and shark week events. Available now at Amazon.

5) Sharknado Funko POP Action Figure

Up in the air! It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's a shark! Sharknado can finally be had in Pop! Vinyl form! This Sharknado Pop! Vinyl figure features none other than a shark in a tornado! This 3 3/4-inch Pop! Vinyl figure makes a great gift for any fan! Available now at Amazon.