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SYFY Movie Marathon: Vampires & Demons & Witches, Oh My! 

This weekend, we've got all three Blade's on tap plus much more gore!  


Don't want to wait 'til Halloween to get your spook on? You're in luck, because this weekend, July 13 - July 14, it's all about the gore on SYFY. Read on to get the full rundown, plus see which movies got our staff's **MUST WATCH** stamp of approval. 


Cucuy: The Boogeyman 
Every country has it's version of "The Boogeyman". Meet Mexico's. 

Evil Dead 

Five friends head to a remote cabin in the woods and discover a "Book of the Dead". What could go wrong?

Half-vampire, half-mortal, whole classic! 

3:30PM EST 
Blade 2: Bloodhunt 
Blade battles Reaper vampires who feed off other vampires. 

6:00PM EST 
Blade: Trinity - STAFF PICK 
Third time's a charm? Maybe. See Blade, now wanted by the FBI, face his most challenging enemy yet: Dracula! 

Why you MUST WATCH: Because Blade fights Dracula, guys! Dracula! It's a battle of epic proportions to see two iconic characters in vampire lore go head to head - or fang to fang (sorry, we had to). 

8:30PM EST 


Keanu Reeves plays a supernatural detective and we're here for it because Keanu can do no wrong. 


8:30AM EST 
Witchslayer Gretl - STAFF PICK

Why you MUST WATCH: Because it features Brenda Walsh- er, Shannen Doherty, as Gretl. We ain't in 90210 anymore… 

10:30AM EST 
In case you were busy when it aired the day before, sink your teeth into this Wesley Snipes sci-fi classic. 

1:00PM EST

MPX Video: Underworld (209820)
Selene (Kate Beckinsale) works as a Death Dealer - while rocking an enviable leather catsuit - killing the Lycans who allegedly slaughtered her family. 

3:30PM EST
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans 
Ever wonder where Lycan's come from? Watch this flick to get more details on their complicated history. 

5:30PM EST 
Redux! See supernatural detective, John Constantine, help a woman prove that her sister's death was not a suicide but something more… 

8:00PM EST 
Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters - STAFF PICK 

MPX Video: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (448311)
Two siblings, Hansel and Gretel (obviously) track and kill witches all over the world because, as the title says, they're witch hunters.

Why you MUST WATCH: Jeremy Renner stars as Hansel before he became the Hawkeye after our own hearts. 

The tagline reads: "First you watch it. Then you die." Scary enough for you? Yeah, we thought so. 

SYFY's Vampires & Demons & Witches, Oh My! Marathon kicks off bright and early at 9am EST Saturday, July 13 - 10pm EST Sunday, July 14. Visit our schedule page for the latest updates.

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