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Take THAT Rules! They're Wearing White After Labor Day

Call them rebels with a cause.


Who says you can't wear white after Labor Day? Eh, who cares - especially not these fashion risk takers. Whether they hail from video games, the realms of sci-fi or old hollywood, [*in our minds*] this group shares the belief that fashion rules are made to be broken.

Arika from Defiance


She's not bad, she's just drawn that way or perhaps juxtaposition is just her thing - a black heart sheathed in HOT white outfits. Whether she's poisoning people, causing miscarriages or ordering secret hits, Arika struts around Vega in white like she goddamn owns the place, because with her wardrobe, she does.

The Woman in White (1997)

Comb and change of clothes be damned! This crazed woman WILL wear white while running through the forest because she has a secret. Shhhhh!!

Phantom Girl from The Legion of Super Heroes

Though her name implies otherwise, her choice in fashion is quite clear. Pop of color? Pft. Not needed.
NOTE: Thanks to Boy Blue for the amazing photo. Go check out his DC Comics art!

Storm Shadow from GI Joe

Throughout his history, Storm Shadow, has changed allegiances several times over, but his dedication to his white ninja garb has held strong since his first appearance over 30 years ago.

Stahma from Defiance

Even when engaging in transcendent Omec sex (Thanks, Bryan Enk) or killing her human daughter in law, Stahma always rocks white. Also, Stahma is white. Like, full albino realness white so she's sort of always going to break the Labor Day rule.

Doc Yewll from Defiance

Big bird is yellow, Barney must be purple and Indogenes like Doc Yewll will always be white. It's just the way of the world.

Princess Leia in Star Wars

Sure, she wore other memorable outfits in the iconic Star Wars film, but this one - and that hair do - made a statement, too!

Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

Behold, the only thing greater than yourself: Daenerys looking radiant in white.

White Walkers from Game of Thrones

Also know as the "Others" in the A Song of Ice and Fire novels - the White Walkers are accustomed to living on the fringes of society. No white after Labor Day? Ha! Rules, what rules? Look at that sword!

Storm Troopers from Star Wars

A storm trooper by any other color … would actually not be a storm trooper.

Luke Skywalker from Star Wars

He's Luke Skywalker and his name is synonymous to THE Star Wars franchise so he can wear whatever, whenever he damn well pleases.

White Magician Pikeru
Missing media item.
White fashions come with the territory when you go by *White* Magician and not "Ivory", "Pearl", "Egg Shell" or "Cream" Magician.

Marilyn Monroe

Her name is Marilyn Monroe and THIS photo - unlike other fashion trends - will never go out of style. #timeless


I mean, we just made a Powder reference. We can all go home now.

The White Witch from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe


Basically this character is a giant drag queen that lives in Narnia instead of a gay club at 2 am on a Thursday. Also, Tilda Swinton plays her. She slept in a box at MOMA for art, so don't even act like you're gonna tell her not to wear white after September 6th.

In conclusion...
While we've been celebrating those who will dare to go there (wherever that is) and wear white after Labor Day, we'll caution YOU from being quite so rebellious. Not following fashion's rules could get you b#tch smacked.