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The All-New Blastr App

The Blastr App has been re-built from the ground up! 

Let's start with the basics. Blastr is a one-stop shop for everything sci-fi movies, TV, games, books and more. The newest movie trailers. Sneak peeks of upcoming TV shows and seasons. Exclusive on-set interviews. Top 10 lists, exclusive Q&As, satire, dispatches from the front lines of science fiction, fantasy and the supernatural, funny stuff and a lot more. If you got hit by a bus and were unconscious for years and had some rip van winkle-style amnesia, Blastr is where you'd want to go to get caught up with all things sci-fi-fantasy pop culture.

The Blastr app connects you with Blastr's arsenal of photos, trailers, interviews and stories, allowing you to share, discuss and even save them for offline viewing, and you can download it for your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Android mobile phones & tablets.

Download it here: 


There are some fancy new additions to the new app that have it running better than ever. Check it out below


The Blastr App has been re-built from the ground up! Our new and improved app features:

  • New design — Not only does the app have a whole new look, but it’s also easier to find and save all our content.
  • Trending Topics – Monitor the pulse of sci-fi pop culture and see what topics are currently most popular on Blastr.
  • Search — Search functionality means you can instantly find the content you are looking for.
  • Format Text — Adjust the size of your text and display settings to match your preferences.
  • Speed Reading — An entirely new way to absorb Blastr content. Read stories rapidly by assimilating several phrases or sentences at once.
  • User Profile — Sign in with either your Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts to create your user profile where you can…
  • Bookmark Stories — Save stories to your user profile for quick access and offline reading.
  • Follow Comments — Follow a conversation or post, and the app will notify you via the user profile when new comments are added.
  • Follow Topics — Only care about Star Wars? Now you can subscribe to specific topics. The app will notify you via the user profile every time a new story has been added to that topic.
  • Apple Watch Support — Blastr on the go! Get Blastr on the go with Blastr’s Watch! Check out the latest articles and bookmark them for viewing in the app.
  • Overall Performance Enhancements — Better. Faster. Stronger