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The New Syfy Now


Get your Syfy fix now! There's no reason that you should be limited to just watching Syfy on your iPhone or IPad. Enter Syfy Now v5.1 our super convenient/amazing streaming app. Users who own an Apple TV can now effortlessly stream our shows to their television with AirPlay! How do you get started? Simply download the latest Syfy Now update to your iPhone or iPad, select the AirPlay icon and chose your Apple TV. Boom. You’re now watching Syfy Now on your Apple TV! Waiting for you Hot Pocket to heat up? Clips of Killjoys sounds about right? Can't get to sleep? Dark Matter will make sure you're up binging until 5am. Have a hankering for Nicholas Cage movies but only the titles and not the films themselves, Face Off is good to go!

We've made things ridiculously easy for you to access everything Syfy has to offer. It's as simple as downloading the app, logging in with your cable or satellite provider, pouring yourself an iced tea and enjoying your favorite shows, including new episodes available the day after they air. It all works seamlessly across devices -  you can even sync your watchlist and in-show progress across multiple devices via iCloud.

In case you somehow forgot what Syfy Now has to offer, here's a list of features that will bring you into point-blank range of Syfy:

  • AirPlay! You can now stream Syfy Now to your Apple TV. Start the episode in the app and stream to your television. This feature is all new! We can't wait for you to try it!
  • Add episodes to the watchlist for later viewing.
  • Season pass feature adds new episodes of your favorite shows to the watchlist.
  • Cross-device syncing via iCloud allows you to sync watchlists and pick up where you left off on any iOS device you own.
  • Share what you're watching via Facebook, Twitter and email.
  • PLUS: You can watch Syfy shows and movies LIVE inside the app, just as if you were watching the network on your television. So it's like watching live TV - just on your computer or mobile device! (Note: Most of Syfy's shows are currently available, and we're working hard to make those that aren't available soon)

To download Syfy Now for iPad or iPhone, download the app here [iPhone/iPad]  

Don’t have an iPhone or iPad? No worries! Syfy Now is available on these platforms as well -  [Windows Phone]     [Windows]     [XBox One]

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