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The Original Blair Witch Project: Where Are they Now?

Three film students walk into a bar …er… the woods, and the rest is film history. Find out where they are now.


Three film students walk into a bar … er… the woods, and the rest is film history. Find out what the trio has been up to since their iconic witch hunt 17 years ago before the newest Blair Witch hits theaters on Friday, September 16th.

Heather Donahue


"I'm so scared right now." According to statistics that we just made up, this is one of the most iconic and oft-quoted lines from a movie, ever.

After appearing in a slew of other (not so scary) movies and TV series, Heather decided to say goodbye to Hollywood. "I took all my stuff into the desert relating to my acting career and burned it all." Everything except for her Blair Witch Project poster, of course. "That's the only thing I kept. I figured if things got really bad, I could always sell it on eBay," Heather said. Heather is now a happy (we're assuming…;) medicinal marijuana grower and even wrote a book about it called GrowGirl: How My Life After The Blair Witch Project Went to Pot. You, grow, girl. You grow.

Joshua Leonard

Don't worry, he's safe. We found him on the Internet. After Blair, Joshua continued his acting career appearing in movies and television projects that include Hung, True Detective and The United States of Tara, among others. Joshua was so comfortable behind the camera that he turned it into a real-life job, directing four films including The Youth, his directorial debut that premiered at Sundance in 2005. Not too shabby at all, Josh.

Michael C. Williams

Ok, maybe you should worry. We can't find Mike on the Internet. According to a highly reputable source,, Michael C. Williams is currently the artistic director of Big Blue Door Theatre in Westchester, NY, but the company no longer has an active website, telephone number or mailing address. So… we guess he's okay?  As of January 2015 Mike resurfaced in an interview with, yet no one (in the Internet streets) has heard from him since. So, where is Mike now? Hell if we know. Let us know if you find him.