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This Month in Syfy History: June

Dark Matter, Killjoys, Dominion, 5ive Days to Midnight, The Invisible Man and oh so much more.

By Bryan Enk

Summer's in full swing as we've reached the jolly month of June. Let's take a look back at the Junes of Syfy yesteryears, from the premieres of Dark Matter and Killjoys (2015) to airing old episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man (1995).

Join us as we walk down memory lane … or is that tumble down the rabbit hole …?


We had the series premieres of two of our favorite shows! The world now had Dark Matter in it.

And the world now knew the joys of Killjoys


Dominion had its series premiere. There are fallen angels among us, and they hang out in Vegas (or what's left of it).


The series premiere of Sinbad introduced audiences to a world of giant birds and water demons, to describe but two of the beasties our hero encountered on his many voyages.


School Spirits educated audiences about haunted places of learning. Episode 1 was "Sorority House Terror," which featured a brave dog named Rambo.

School Spirits - Season 1 Episode 1 ''Sorority House Terror''


Haunted Collector made its debut. It was just plain scary stuff!

Legend Quest also made its debut as adventurer Ashley Cowie looked for both the Ark of the Covenant and the Mayan Talking Cross in the very first episode.


Stephen King movies galore! Ron Perlman says stuff like "You smart-alec blue state unisex swingles!" in Desperation.

Bronson Pinchot confronts Stephen King himself in The Langoliers.

And the world ends — sort of — in The Stand.


We were big into marathons for several different television series, like Dark Angel. Jessica Alba! So beautiful, so dangerous (and so young!).


We were airing episodes of the old The Incredible Hulk series seemingly around the clock. Appropriate, as The Incredible Hulk movie had just hit theaters.

Missing media item.


We were airing a lot of our original movies, like Mansquito (aka Mosquito Man, 'cause apparently 'Mansquito' was too confusing).



We were airing a lot of episodes of Amazing Stories, the anthology series produced by Steven Spielberg in the mid-'80s. Dig those mid-'80s computer graphics!


We aired a good chunk of the entire 1974 Planet of the Apes TV series (which, admittedly, would be a more impressive feat if there had been more than 14 episodes total).


Our 5ive-part miniseries 5ive Days to Midnight was all the rage. Timothy Hutton's gotta fight the future!


What other channel aired all four Wishmaster movies … and in a row?

"Watch that crate, it's very expensive … AAARRGGHHH!!!"


Who needs HBO when you've got the Sci-Fi Channel? It was Tales From the Crypt fever all month. (WARNING: Graphic Content!)

Tales from the crypt S01E03 Dig That Cat...He's Real Gone FULL


One of our Scinema Features was Rawhead Rex, the movie Clive Barker probably wishes didn't exist. Personally, we love it … or maybe it’s just the trailer that we love …

Rawhead Rex Best Trailer


Two new series debuted! First, The Invisible Man: He thought it was only a story … until it happened to him!

Second, The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne. You can tell it's classy 'cause it opens in Paris.  


You're a wonder, Wonder Woman! We just couldn't get enough of the Lynda Carter series.


After three seasons with Fox, Sliders slid on over to Syfy (er, Sci-Fi Channel) for Season 4. Here's the Season 4 intro as experienced by people in Poland.


If you wanted to watch an episode of RoboCop: The Series, look no further than Sci-Fi Channel.

(Yes, there was a RoboCop: The Series.)


Cartoons galore! We aired all five episodes of Transformers: Five Faces of Darkness, the mini-series follow-up to Transformers: The Movie. Here's where the Decepticons fight over energon cubes and make a lot of the same noises over and over.

G1: Decepticon Energon Fight

We also aired the Star Wars: Droids episode, "The Revenge of Kybo Ren."

Wait a minute … Kybo Ren?!


"Gentleman, we can rebuild him … we have the technology." Come and get your The Six Million Dollar Man marathon.