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This Week on 10.2.17

Your weekly recap to the latest news across


Get the latest in official news, episode goodness and updates with our weekly rundown of the hottest moments across this week.

See the Most Memorable Moments from Face Off: Game Face
Now it's time to say buh-bye to all our artsy friends, with the Season Finale of Game Face, Tuesday at 9/8c. To toast the occasion, here's a recap of some of the most memorable moment of this show's inagural season. Salute!

Remember that time when the teacher became the student?

Pupils and Pedagogs


Or that time when Miranda couldn't find her prosthetic and started to freak tf out?

Nightmare Come True


And then there was that time when Melissa found out that the phrase "things fall a part" is real af:

Things Fall Apart


This season was chock-full of hot mess moments, beautiful creations and surprise victories. Relive them all here on the official Face Off: Game Face site.

Watch Channel Zero: No End House Full Episodes
The third time's a charm, as is the third episode of Channel Zero: No End House. Be sure to check it out on Wednesday at 10/9c. And in the meantime, catch up on all the horror (it's really, really, good ya'll-- and we're not just saying that because we work here!) by watching the first two episodes anytime you want on


Van Helsing is Back! And...
It's. About. To. Go. Down. Vanessa and the gang are coming correct for Season 2, which premieres on Thursday at 9/8c. Here's a trailer to get you all excited and stuff: 

Van Helsing - Season 2 Trailer

Ghost Wars is Here!...Well, almost!

The cast features Vincent D'Onofrio and Meat Loaf ADay --yes, this Meat Loaf. So, what are you doing right now? Watching this official trailer of course...

Ghost Wars - Official Trailer

...and what are you doing on Thursday at 10/9c ? Watching the premire of Ghost Wars, of course!

Relive Z Nation's Most Head-Scratching Moments
Z Nation is full of wtf moments. From Zombabies to Z Weed. But what about the more subtle side of cray that often get overlooked amid the Zombie Balls? Like how even though Warren's been in a coma for 2 years she still somehow managed to get her toes did and convalesce in Latex heels. Hmmm.... 


It's the moments like these that bring Z Nation fans together. So each week, we'll be recapping the the more obscure moments from the zombie apocoalypse that only true Z-heads would notice. Cheers to the WTF moments from Season 4, Episode 1.