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This Week on 9.25.17

Your weekly recap to the latest news across


Get the latest in official news, episode goodness and updates with our weekly rundown of the hottest moments across this week.

Face Off: Game Face - Tuesdays 9/8c
We got the memo. Evvvverybody and their mama loves photos. So for your viewing pleasure we have lots and lots of pics featuring the artists' past work and their final challenge looks here on the official Face Off: Game Face site.

Here's preview of all the pixely gold your eyes are in store for:


A marvelous take on a Marvel character.


This gorgeous Hogwarts inspired character


"I'll get you my pretty!"...or something like that.

Channel Zero: No End House - Wednesdays 10/9c
Soooo... can we all agree that the season premiere of Channel Zero: No End House was scary af? If you're brave enough to watch it again (with the lights on this time, of course!) you can see it here on Go 'head and follow the link...this guy dares you to!

Missing media item.

Z Nation Season 4 Premiere - Friday 9/8c
|More zombie adventures are on the way in just 4 days! To celebrate the occasion, here's four reasons to watch the Season 4 return of undead inspired series.

1. Lt. Roberta Warren. Oh no, boss lady! We hope you're okay!!!!


2. Murphy. You too, dude! That Season 3 ending was intense and tragic and epic and OMGOMGOMG we can't wait until Friday!


3. Zona. Ship happens ...but exactly what kind of sh*% is happening aboard this thing?!



4. This cliffhanger. Not figuratively but literally-- THIS cliffhanger had us all holding our collective breaths for past year as we waited to see how everyone landed - no LOL!