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This Week on 9.4.17

Your weekly recap to the latest news across

Get the latest in official news, episode goodness and updates with our weekly rundown of the hottest moments across this week.

1. Face Off: Game Face - Tuesdays 9/8c
Sh*t happens. And when you're competing for $10,000 and time's not on your side, LOTS of sh*t happens. Like that one time when Melissa's make-up fell a part with just 15 minutes to spare. Oh, no!

Things Fall Apart

Peep other memorable moments from Face Off: Game Face, HERE, only on

2. Blood Drive: Wednesdays 10/9c


Oh, snap! It's the season finale of Blood Drive, this week, ya'll. We'd say something vulgar, but really, it's all been said. Don't believe us? Browse through THIS very adult (seriously, don't let your kids see this) Blood Drive coloring book, and you'll see what we mean. The lunatic in you is gonna love it.

3. New Shows on Syfy this Fall!
Yo! Fall 2017 is gonna be #lit ... in a science fiction and fantasy type of way. Clear your schedule's because we've got a rundown of all the must-see TV you won't want to miss, like Christopher Meloni in Happy! which premieres on November 29 at 10/9c. And? We've got a trailer just for you...and ...and you...and basically anyone who's reading this right now --this is for you ;) 

Happy! Teaser Trailer

4. Z Nation Marathon


There's a Z Nation marathon airing on Syfy all day today so go watch it. And when you need a break from watching that (but really, why would you?) head over here to and create your own Zombie. Brains!! Season 4 of Z Nation returns on Friday, September 29th.

5. Channel Zero: No End House

The new season of Channel Zero: No End House premieres on September 20th. To celebrate it's return, we've prepared a series of disturbing trailers for your viewing pleasure. See them HERE.